Why You Need Event Log Software

Energy companies need to remain compliant with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Reliability Standards and Cyber Infrastructure Protection Standards. The key part of compliance is the ability to produce accurate event logs. In the old days, companies used to utilize pen and paper or a simple Excel spreadsheet. But thanks to Versify Solutions software program Portal Compliance, energy companies now have access to the most comprehensive event log software in the marketplace.

Events You Need to Log

To remain compliant with NERC and NERC-CIP Reliability Standards, generation and transmission entities must log all events related to:

  • Asset identificationshutterstock_181081433

  • Vulnerability points

  • Security management

  • Perimeter and physical security

  • Incident response and investigation

  • Change and configuration management

  • Information protection

  • Staff and guest Log-ins—both successful and failed attempts

In addition, all entities must log training, education and internal employee communications related to compliance issues.

Event Log Software for a Unified View

Your event log provides a unified view into the the status of your security and operating systems. It is a critical piece of NERC compliance. Using event log software, your entity will be able to create a holistic view of all your compliance related activities. Instead of just having raw data, logged into an old school spreadsheet, event log software will organize, audit and store your data in user and auditor friendly reports.

In addition, Portal Compliance automates data capture—capturing all compliance event data automatically and aligning the data with the most current NERC and NERC CIP standards.

Event Logs for Security

The purpose of NERC Reliability Standards is to ensure and protect the reliability of the North American Power Grid. While compliance can seem tedious, it is a necessary step in ensuring that customers have access to reliable, cost-effective energy. Using event logs to track potential security breaches, user log-ins and access points can help your entity ensure the security of its assets, avoid unplanned outages and keep your energy portfolio safe from cyber attacks. Portal Compliance provides entities with security alerts, automated reports, dashboard reporting and a user interface that can be accessed at multiple locations. It truly is a one-stop solution for compliance and cyber security.

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