Why You Need A Dedicated Event Log Application

The North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) has over 90 Reliability Standards, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards. Compliance is mandatory. The only way to prove compliance is through comprehensive records that document everything your entity does that is related to the 90-plus Reliability Standards and the CIP standards.

To ensure compliance, your entity needs a dedicated event log application. It is a critical piece of maintaining compliance and here’s why:

How A Dedicated Event Log Application Helps With Compliance

1. Non-Compliance is a non-option

All bulk power system owners, operators, and users must comply with NERC-approved Reliability Standards.  You are also required to register with NERC through your local Regional Entity. The features of the application for event logs helps insure your compliance.

2.  Regional Entities can announce an audit at anytimeshutterstock_72963958_(1)

While a Regional Entity typically will not just show up at your door without notice, you still always need to be prepared for an audit. Without a dedicated event log application, your entity will spend countless hours preparing for the audit and you still might come up short.

3. Compliance is directly related to supplying proof

The 90 NERC Reliability Standards detail a burden of proof that ranges from documenting any potential security breaches to tracking user-logins to listing staff memos related to security issues to recording all types of staff training and continuing education. Keeping track of all these bits and pieces is impossible and time consuming without an event log application that automates, stores, organizes and analyzes data.

4. Compliance penalties are crushing.

The financial cost of non-compliance with NERC and NERC CIP standards can be crushing. The lost hours when NERC shuts down your energy entity are something that you might not recover from. Since compliance is directly to providing proof, you could actually be in compliance, but be slapped with non-compliance penalties because you could not prove it.

5. NERC is confusing and constantly changing

NERC is constantly changing and updating its Reliability Standards. CIP Version 5 will be in effect soon, but NERC is skipping the implementation of CIP Version 4. It is all confusing and managing the nuances can be impossible. Ignorance is not an option nor is it an excuse, an automated event log program can make compliance easy.

The only event log application solution: Portal Compliance

Versify Solutions offers Portal Compliance, premier software program for log, tracking, storing and analyzing compliance events. Portal Compliance comes pre-loaded with all NERC and NERC CIP standards. It automates all tracking, provides alerts when the entity might be risking non-compliance and guarantees real-time compliance, all the time!  To get started please contact us today!