What Does it Mean to be NERC compliant?

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the non-government organization responsible for regulating bulk power generators, transmission and distribution companies through the adoption and enforcement of standards designed to secure and ensure the reliability of the power grid. As you proceed with your primary business of creating and distributing energy, you need to be well-versed in NERC Reliability Standards and you need to know “what does it mean to be NERC compliant?

About NERC

NERC oversees eight regional reliability entities and encompasses the power systems of the United States, Canada and a portion of Mexico on the Baja peninsula. All bulk power system users must comply with NERC-approved reliability standards.

NERC develops reliability standards, assesses seasonal and long-term reliability of the power-grid, monitors the Bulk-Power System, enforces standards and trains industry personnel.  NERC program areas include reliability standards, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards 001-009, reliability assessment and performance analysis, reliability risk management, training and certification, and compliance and enforcement programs.

Compliance and Enforcement Programs

NERC’s compliance and enforcement programs include compliance monitoring, compliance enforcement, organization registration and certification and regional entity compliance monitoring and enforcement programs.

There are over 90 NERC reliability standards including CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards that protect the cyber assets of your energy operation. The standards must be implemented throughout your entity and all implementation must be documented.  In addition to documentation, you must demonstrate a clear understanding of each of the standards. NERC routinely issues updates to their standards to keep up the dynamic energy industry.

Through NERC Compliance and Enforcement Programs, NERC will perform routine audits of all registered energy entities to ensure compliance. The auditors will look for your understanding, implementation, documentation and processes that ensure your NERC compliance.  It can be a cumbersome and time consuming process to document all compliance related data and incidents. However, your entity must be NERC compliant in order to operate and avoid costly penalties and sanctions.


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