Versify’s Solutions meets NERC Wind GADS 2018 Q1 Submission

GLEN MILLS, Pennsylvania: Versify Solutions delivers automated NERC Wind GADS solution to meet the original mandatory NERC reporting deadline for Q1 of 2018.  Versify Solutions was one of the few companies to report on time with compliant reports .

“Versify was able to meet the original NERC Wind GADS deadline of May 15th, 2018 with a compliant submission.  We worked with our customers throughout Q4 2017 and our solution was tested and ready to go in January.   Despite NERC extending the Wind GADS deadline to August 15th and modifying the report content Versify Solutions successfully supported the first quarter reporting on time.” stated Bob Furry, Versify’s Vice President of Product Strategy.

To meet the new GADS-W reporting requirements, Wind Generation owners and operators require an automated tool to manage the data volumes and complexity of reporting.  The Versify NERC Wind GADS module automates NERC event creation, event classification based on site level outages (whether planned, forced, or maintenance outages), and report creation for Sub Group, Performance and System-Component Reports. It also provides out of the box operational data integration and KPI calculations.

Versify’s NERC Wind GADS solution is configured to automatically map turbine fault codes from turbine manufacturers such as Siemens, GE, Vestas, Mitsubishi, and Suzlon.  Once the fault codes are captured, they are automatically assigned the proper NERC GADS system and component codes. Versify is one of the first software vendors to provide a comprehensive module to generate the required NERC GADS reports based on the automated and manual events along with reporting of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide visibility into the wind fleet, wind farm,  and turbine performance and reliability.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) finalized data reporting instructions for NERC GADS Wind Turbine Generation (GADS-W) in 2017 with mandatory reporting for large farms starting in 2018.  For many years, NERC has required fossil power plant reporting, but it now also requires detailed operational data for each wind turbine in a generator’s portfolio. GADS Wind reporting is much more data intensive, for example a 200 MW wind site generates data for up to 200 turbines that must be monitored and reported on a sub-hourly basis.  Event counts for a single farm may total in the thousands for a single month.

NERC has required a four-year phased-in schedule that started in 2017 with voluntary reporting. In year two (2018), wind farms with Total Installed Capacity of 200 MW or larger must start reporting. Year three (2019) requires reporting from wind generators with Total Installed Capacity of 100 MW to 199.99 MW. By year four (2020), reporting will be required from wind plants with Total Installed Capacity of 75 MW to 99.99 MW.

Versify has addressed their customer’s challenges and operational efficiency by supporting the automated capture and reporting to NERC Wind GADS.

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