Versify Software to be Demonstrated at OSIsoft Users Conference

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Making (More) Money From Windpower: Versify Software to be Demonstrated at OSIsoft Users Conference


Glen Mills, Pa.— More than 61,000 megawatts (MW) of wind generation is operating in the U.S. today, and an additional 12,000 MW of windpower Is under construction, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Many of those wind facilities are located in relatively remote locations. When wind generation trips offline, understanding why it tripped and reintegrating it to the system can be time-consuming and expensive.
Enterprise software and analytics from Versify Solutions Incorporated helps wind companies like NaturEner USA (San Francisco, CA) reduce the downtime and the cost of outage events by capturing information about the frequency, magnitude, and causes of these events. In a demonstration at the OSIsoft Users Conference on March 27, Devon Yates, manager of operational analytics for NaturEner USA, will show how her firm uses a Versify application to log and manage wind farm outage events. Her talk also will discuss how Versify’s software interfaces with OSIsoft’s enterprise infrastructure to improve the operational performance of NaturEner’s wind fleet.
“Understanding the impact of outage events on wind generation is essential for NaturEner to maximize profits from our wind assets,” Yates said. “Our partners Versify Solutions Inc. and OSIsoft have helped us better understand and manage unplanned outages, which allows us to optimize our generation and maximize profits.”
OSIsoft’s PI System® is the industry-standard enterprise infrastructure for management of time-series data and events. Renewable energy companies and thermal generators use Versify’s applications in concert with OSIsoft’s PI System to manage real-time data and events that affect operational efficiency and profitability.
Software solutions from Versify and PI help NaturEner more rapidly summarize and categorize the wind energy output lost to planned and unplanned outages. NaturEner also uses this superior asset intelligence to evaluate operational procedures, such as the re-energization process after an outage.