V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 Advances Analytics, Fosters Operational Excellence for Power Generators and Utilities

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V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 Advances Analytics, Fosters Operational Excellence for Power Generators and Utilities


Glen Mills, Pa. (August 11, 2015) – V-PERFORMANCE® 5.0 extends Versify’s leadership by offering next-generation analytics and automation for many operational processes leveraging industry best practices. The enhanced platform offers robust data integration capabilities, extensive configurability, and out-of-the-box support for automating key business processes.


V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 is a major technology leap forward in promoting operational excellence for power companies and utilities. Versify developed V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 to provide clients with unparalleled data-management capabilities to help make better decisions that dramatically improve operational and financial performance. The platform offers better visibility into both opportunities and business risk, while improving operations efficiency. Versify’s broad functional footprint and SaaS deployment model allow customers to consolidate disparate applications and quickly deploy the solution.


Generation owners and utilities across the U.S. increase profitability and operate more effectively after deploying the new integrated analytics software suite. In a recent research study, customers reported they have recouped, on average, a return of seven times their investment, with some as high as 20 times. Companies have also successfully managed risk arising from new regulations from state, regional and federal agencies. Overall, Versify customers report millions of dollars in annual operating cost savings, revenue generation and fine/penalty avoidance.


“V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 takes analytics to an entirely new level, addressing critical information gaps,” said Pete Cona, Versify’s president and chief executive officer. “V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 provides power generators and utilities powerful and highly configurable applications with unique work flow functionality so they can manage their performance and improve operating efficiencies.”


V-PERFORMANCE 5.0 application modules offer analytical capabilities for power companies and utilities including: executive dashboards, portfolio performance management, asset management, generation and transmission outage management, operator logging, event management, plant management and compliance management. Versify provides analytics and workflows out-of-the box so customers can easily customize or create their own analytics and workflows to meet their process and reporting needs. Executives can use the key performance indicator (KPI) reporting functionality to quickly make strategic and tactical decisions to improve power plant operations for all generation technologies. Operational processes can be automated, standardized and tracked leading to significant operational efficiencies, reduced business risk and compliance with regulatory requirements.



About Versify Solutions

Versify Solutions Inc. provides SaaS and PaaS application solutions that integrate a company’s vast data sources to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of generation assets. Versify products including V-PERFORMANCE®, V-TRADER®, and Portal Compliance® offer generators and energy traders better information, empowering them to perform at the highest levels. The company offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities. For more information, please visit https://www.versify.com/.


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