Types of Power Industry Data Analysis From The U.S. Energy Information Administration

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is an independent government organization within the U.S. Department of Energy that collects, analyzes and provides a comprehensive range of power industry data analysis for energy entities, the general public and policymakers. The aim is to promote efficient and effective policy making, while supporting energy industry growth and economic development.

For power entities, this high level and comprehensive power industry data analysis can be a critical tool in making business decisions.

Types of EIA Power Industry Data Analysis

EIA provides reports on the following energy sectors and uses:shutterstock_13398974612

  • Petroleum and other liquids: crude oil, heating oil, diesel, gasoline and biofuels

  • Natural gas: exploration, resources, production, imports, exports, prices and sales

  • Coal: imports, exports, prices, resources, production, sales, prices , employment and human resources and stock prices

  • Renewables and alternative fuels: hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and ethanol

  • Electricity: sales, revenue, stock prices, outages, generation, trade, power plants and emissions

  • Nuclear and uranium:  nuclear reactors, uranium fuel and generation

  • Consumption and efficiency: public and private sector energy use in homes, manufacturing, commercial buildings and transportation

  • Total energy: comprehensive power industry data analysis of consumption, reserves and forecasted demands

In each of these categories, the EIA provides weekly, monthly, annual and multi year reports and analysis. The final analyzed data is primarily available via the EIA website.

Electricity Data Analysis and Projections

EIA has a comprehensive list of data analysis and projections that it provides for electricity. The report list includes:

  • Consumption, revenues and prices

  • Generation and thermal output

  • Generating capacity

  • Consumption of fuels used to generate electricity

  • Data on fossil fuels for electricity generation

  • Revenue and expense statistics for power plants

  • Electricity purchases, imports and exports

  • Grid Reliability

  • Consumer demand, capacity resources and capacity margins

  • Electricity and the environment

The EIA also provides detailed electricity data organized by the state-level, sale and revenue, generating capacity, power plant operating data and more. Users can customized data views and graph down to the plant level by using the interactive electricity data feature on the EIA website.

The EIA sources data through customized data surveys to key players in the power industry. While not all entities are required to participate in the data collection process; if you are selected to participate, it is mandatory to complete the data survey under the FEA act.

Use Data to Power Your Business

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