Transmission & Substations: Switching Orders and the Switching Log

Simplifying Switching Orders Procedure for the Energy & Utilities Industry

With such high standards for safety and reliability, it has become critical for energy companies to automate and streamline operational procedures.  The days of paper checklists, forms and documents, such as used with Switching Orders and Isolation points, are being phased out.  They are being replaced with technology and mobile devices.  Today’s utility field force and system operators are being asked to become more technologically advanced, flexible and streamlined.

How are they doing it?

Generation and transmission operators have begun the process of digitizing their processes and their workforce.  System operators have access to tools and applications specifically designed for their industry.  Tools and applications have been developed just for their industry, their operations and their business processes.   These solutions do not require a huge investment in time or money with IT departments, but can be found online as a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service solution.  They can be configured and delivered rapidly and catered specifically to the needs of the business.

Versify’s Portal Event Management software offers electronic Switching Orders, Switching Instructions or Isolation forms that are integrated with Versify’s Transmission and Generation Outage Management Systems.  The electronic substation Switching Orders can be configured by the customer to meet any unique requirements or business processes.  This flexibility provides each customer to tailor the application to their own Switching Order Process and their transmission and substation equipment.

Having a digitized Switching Log that maintains all of the switching log and switching instructions significantly improves the safety of the workforce and field technicians.  Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements is improved as the full history of all activity is maintained in the Switching Log.

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