Transmission Outage Management:

Versify’s Transmission Outage Management System automates the complex process of planning, approving, scheduling, submitting and reporting of transmission outages. The Versify Platform connects scheduling, operations and field personnel to enable the coordination of critical infrastructure assets.



Transmission Outage Management Simplified

Versify’s Transmission Outage Management System automates the complex process of outage planning, outage scheduling, outage submission and reporting of transmission outages.  Versify enables transmission operators and transmission owners to manage and schedule outages on a single web-based platform, streamlining communications and coordination across various groups and teams in an organization.

Versify’s advanced workflow capabilities enable clients to automate and coordinate with business stakeholders, Transmission Operators (ISO/RTOs) and Reliability Coordinators (RCs).  Companies achieve significant O&M savings by helping them reduce the frequency and duration of outages, improving reliability and safety metrics and facilitating continual process improvements throughout operations.

Versify’s Outage Management System software suite provides a workflow enabled unified platform to manage asset outage ticketing and outage scheduling across the enterprise.   The Transmission Outage Management System connects outage scheduling, operations and field personnel to enable the coordination of these critical infrastructure assets.

Eliminate the challenges associated with legacy Transmission Outage Scheduling Processes

Versify’s outage schedule and outage planning ability reduces and eliminates the challenges associated with managing outages in the utilities industry including:

  • Reducing labor intensive activities and administrative tasks.
  • Automating business processes to reduce emails, phone calls, manual documents and checklists.
  • Corporate visibility and transparency across multiple stakeholders and departments.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory and safety requirements.
  • Streamlining complex process, improving communications and prioritizing work.

Digitizing Switching Orders, Switching Instructions and Applications for Work

Leverage Versify’s PORTAL Event Management to create a Switching Log to digitize your forms and checklists using a form and workflow builder.  Traditional paper documents, forms and checklists can be converted to an online form accessible by desktop and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones for field technicians, operators/dispatchers and management.  Engineers and technicians can view outage tickets, event details, switching orders/instructions and any type of form configured by your company.  Workflows can be enabled to route work, event details and digitized forms between staff, departments and organizations.

Transmission Outage Features

  • Transmission Outage Planning, Outage Scheduling
  • Field Technician and System Operator coordination with Switching Orders
  • Outage Dashboards, Calendar & Reporting
  • NERC TADS Reporting
  • A Single Platform for all phases of the Transmission Outage Process
  • Form Building, Workflow, Business Process Automation and Electronic Approvals
  • ISO, RTO, Reliability Coordinator and Work Management Integration

Transmission Outage Benefits

  • Improve reliability and safety metrics
  • Improved support of safety procedures for field personnel
  • Reduce O&M costs
  • Reduce frequency and duration of outages
  • Eliminate redundant software costs
  • Provide visibility across business lines to avoid miscommunications