Top Ten Must Haves For Power Industry Reporting Software

When looking to grow reporting capabilities, generators should look beyond the basics of just generating reports for year-end or quarterly content. We’ve put together a Top 10 list of what our clients say are must-haves for power industry reporting software.

  1. Web-Based

Your power industry reporting application should be web-based for anytime, anywhere access.

  1. Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard reporting gives users a snapshot of their operations, every time they log in. And, you should be able to customize dashboards for different users.

  1. Automated Event Capture

The last thing you ever need to worry about is missing data. Automated event capture ensures you never miss a single piece of information.

  1. Manual event logging

shutterstock_181081433-1While automated event capture is key, your reporting platform  should have the flexibility to allow for manual logging of data.

  1. Logical data analysis

Logical data analysis means that as your data captured, it automatically feeds into relevant reports, without your oversight or intervention.

  1. Real-time, anytime report generation

Your team needs to be able to press a button and generate a report that is accurate and timely. You need to be able to do this from anywhere on any device.

  1. NERC compliance capabilities

Your software should have the ability to produce detailed, accurate and timely NERC compliance reports.

  1. Pre-loaded intelligence

Each application should be pre-loaded and constantly updated with outside intelligence, with data on markets/prices, weather and regulatory requirements.

  1. Historical and future projection capabilities

Historical data and forecasted data are both important, so you need historical and future models to help you make generation and trade decisions.

  1. Flexible, dynamic platform

Your reporting platform has to work with your existing systems, while also updating regularly to help you keep pace with the changing energy industry

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