Top Ten Energy Industry Reporting Software Features

There are a plethora of energy industry reporting software options on the market. Versify Solutions, the leader in dynamic, data driven energy industry reporting software platforms has compiled a list of the top ten features you need to consider when choosing your entity’s platform.

1. Your energy industry reporting software needs to be a platform.

shutterstock_159268925Forget simply choosing a software product, choose a platform that is as dynamic and full-featured as your business. Platforms include a wide range of applications that address the various sides of your business from outage and generation management to NERC compliance to energy trading. Using a software platform, your entity can customize a solution that is right for your business model. A platform will grow with you; a software package will be obsolete.

2. Software platforms must be able to handle big data.

Your entity generates as much data as it does energy and maybe even more. Your software platform must be able to process, store and analyze rich amounts of data seamlessly and instantly.  Software platforms that can handle big data feature automated event logging and touch-of-the-button reporting, ensuring that your data is being used in real-time.

3. It is not just your data that needs to be processed.

NERC, FERC, the Regional Entities, ISOs and the energy markets also produce mass amounts of data that is critical to your entity. This data needs to be aligned and integrated with your data to help power purchasing and outage decisions. Software platforms that address compliance requirements should also be loaded with current NERC and ISO reporting requirements, ensuring that your data can be used for instant, real-time compliance.

4. Your platform needs to encourage collaboration.

Energy industry reporting software is only as good as the team using it. Look for software platforms that allow for custom, multi-level user access and Dashboard reporting capabilities. In addition, any software solution should have web-based access capabilities to allow for reporting, analysis and monitoring anytime, anywhere. Reports should be able to be customized for different user types; as well as available to any team members that needs the data to make on-the-spot decisions.

5. There is only one comprehensive energy industry reporting software solution that has it all: the Versify Operating System.

Call Versify Solutions today to learn more about the full Versify Operating System! V-OS offers solutions for NERC compliance, energy trading, generation and capacity management and much more! Our platform is the most comprehensive on the market. Contact us to learn more.