Tools for Energy Trader PJM Interconnection

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For an energy trader PJM is like a stock market with participants establishing electricity price by matching supply and demand. It is a dynamic marketplace and participating in it effectively can help your entity power past the competition and maintain itself as a reliable energy source on the bulk power grid.

Let’s learn more about the PJM interconnection, what it means to be an energy trader PJM and how Versify Solutions can help power your trades with innovative software solutions.

About the PJM Interconnection and Energy Market

The PJM Interconnection operates as Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) for 13 states and the District of Columbia. The states covered in all or part by PJM include:

  • Delaware

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • Maryland

  • Michigan

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Tennessee

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

The main role of PJM is to coordinate the transmission of wholesale electricity within its territory while ensuring reliability for customers and creating a fair, competitive electricity marketplace.

The PJM energy market is one of the largest and most dynamic on the planet.

Tools for Energy Trader PJM

The PJM is the market in which regional energy traders do their business. PJM sets locational marginal pricing (LMP) that predicts the value of the energy at the time and location it is delivered. The LMP ensures that the lowest priced energy is dispatched to meet demand. If they lowest price is not available across the grid because of transmission congestion, the pricing will vary across the grid.

For energy traders and wholesales this makes market data a critical tool in business development and profit growth.

PJM consists of Real-Time Markets and Day-Ahead Markets. The Day-Ahead Market calculates hourly pricing and demand. The Real-Time Markets calculate pricing and demand every 5 minutes.

PJM tools include:

  • Enhanced energy scheduler

  • Power Meter

  • Data Miner

  • InSchedule

  • ExSchedule

  • eCredit

  • eDART

  • eData

  • eDatafeed

Unifying and effectively utilizing these tools requires a powerful, professional software solution.

Power Your Trades with Versify Solutions!

If you are an energy trader, PJM is your go-to energy market in the Northeast and your go-to professional tool for trades is V-Trader from Versify Solutions. V-Trader is the ultimate tool for unifying and managing all the data provided by the PJM Interconnection. V-Trader features automated event capture and is preloaded with all regional ISO and RTO information. No matter what market you operate in, V-Trader can help power your trades and wholesale business by aligning your data with local market data.

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