The Most Comprehensive Approach to NERC Standards Adherence

Are you searching for the most effective tool to aid you in adhering to NERC standards? Regulations for the Bulk Electric System in the United States are strictly enforced by The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The standards this organization releases are to be strictly adhered to by every associated company. These standards are enforced through regularly scheduled audits, during which NERC representatives will thoroughly investigate every practice and area of a company to determine whether or not that company is meeting its rules and regulations. Those companies that do not properly uphold all required NERC standards may be subject to large fines. These fines can sometimes reach upwards of a million dollars per day per penalty.

The Importance of Ensuring NERC Standards Are Met

Besides wanting to avoid major monetary fines, companies should take NERC compliance seriously in order to uphold the integrity and flawless functioning of the Bulk Electric System as a whole. Each entity plays a part in maintaining smooth operation of this system and is relied upon by NERC to take that role seriously.


Versify’s Portal Compliance

The comprehensive software offered by Versify to assist power industry companies in maintaining NERC standards is know as Versify’s Portal Compliance. This software has proven to be an effective and greatly beneficial tool for our current clients. The software was designed to offer a variety of benefits to its users. These include:

  • Alleviate the stress of dealing with threatening situations by monitoring daily operations in such a way that detects potential threats and provides steps for correcting the situation before it causes problems

  • Save time by creating a templated pattern for operator input and organizing data obtained into easy to read and utilize reports

  • Allow for more seamless communication throughout various branches of a company by incorporating each location’s and team’s daily operations into one central control panel

  • Save money by catching problems before they result in major fines and penalties and by freeing workers of needing to spend large amounts of time managing NERC standards information manually

  • Provide a thorough database of information concerning all current NERC requirements and their implications

  • Allow for a customization of workflow to fit internal controls and processes

  • Make the evidence collection and storage process simple and easily trackable

Manage situations in real time and implement plans of action before any NERC standards are ever breached