The Importance of CAISO Outage Management

Tracking and monitoring outage management is a key component of California ISO (CAISO) Operating Procedures. CAISO Operating Procedures 3200 details the proper procedures and coordination of scheduled maintenance, repair and construction of new facilities, generating units and interconnections.

If you are a bulk electric power system operator or generator in the state of California, your outage management procedures must be NERC and CAISO compliant, which means your entity must document a comprehensive set of operating procedures governing outage management.


Operating procedures 3200: Outage Coordination

Understanding Operating Procedures 3200 is critical for your outage management compliance team. This set of procedures contains:

  • 3200 Normal Operations Planning Process

  • 3210 Scheduled and Forced Outages

  • 3210G Notification to ISO of New Equipment Release, RE-rated Equipment or Existing Equipment

  • 3220 Transmission Induced Generation Outage Procedure

  • 3230 Reporting Outages to ISO

  • 3230A Transmission Outage Request

  • 3230B Status of Emissions Limitations

  • 3230C Outages to Connect New or Re-arranged Facilities

Outage can be planned well in advance or forced outages for emergency maintenance. CAISO requires that each Participating Generator (PG) or Participating Transmission Owner (PTO) designate a single point of contact for managing outages and liaising with CAISO. Outage requests should be submitted on the web client when available, but can also be submitted manually via email or FTP.


Exceptions to Outage Management

Planned transmission outages should be submitted to the CAISO Outage Coordination Office at least seven days in advance of the start date for the outage. Outage requests received with less notice will most likely be denied, although CAISO does allow for some exceptions.

If the outage will not affect the reliability of or transfer capability of the entire ISO grid, it may be approved with less than seven days notice. When deciding these special outage management approvals, CAISO will take into account the volume, complexity and potential impact the outage would have. If it is rejected, it will have to be submitted and follow the traditional seven-day outage reporting protocol.

Generation outages can be submitted up to three business days in advance of the outage start date.


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