The Importance Of Automated Event Creation For Energy Entities

Automated event creation is a critical tool for data management for energy entities. By enlisting automated event creation, power entities ensure they do not miss any critical pieces of data, eliminate human error and ensure that their data is accurate in real-time.

Automated event creation supports all facets of the energy business from compliance to management to energy trading.

Event Creation for Compliance

NERC compliance hinges on one important ability: the ability to prove compliance with over 90 Reliability Standards governing everything from physical security to employee logins to the security of critical cyber assets. The burden of proof is heavy and often multiple events need to be included as evidence for various standards.

Automated event creation is a critical tool for NERC compliance.

shutterstock_108933440Event Creation for Generation Management

Your power entity produces thousands of data points every minute it operates. From capacity and demand to outage alerts, your generation data is critical to making business decisions that affect the reliability of the grid and the future of your entity. Collecting all this data by hand would be impossible and require large investments in human resources; but automated event capture ensures your entity has all the information it needs at the touch of a button.

Event Creation for Portfolio Management

The energy industry is dynamic and your portfolio relies upon intelligence driven data. Automated event capture of market information can help you compare your internal data with outside market data and make intelligence driven trades and acquisitions.

One Platform Does it All

Only one platform performs automated event creation for compliance, generation and portfolio management: the Versify Operating System. The Versify Operating System is the most comprehensive software solution for the energy industry. Whether managing your NERC compliance, powering your generation and transmission entity or working as a high-powered energy trader, Versify Solutions can the tool for you. Our products include:

Versify Solutions captures data in real-time, so you are always up-to-date and ready to power the world. Call Versify Solutions today to learn more about our comprehensive Versify Operating System, to access our White Papers and for a free demo and consultation. We look forward to powering your data, so you can power the world!