Solution Flexibility: On-Premise and Cloud Hosting

The Versify application suite provides the flexibility to implement your solution on our Cloud environment or on your companies on-site infrastructure.  The Versify Cloud provides a quick implementation, lower cost-of-ownership and a complete solution in a secure environment.  Our On-Premise services allow for complete support for on-site installation and upgrades.  Rapid Deployment platforms are provided on the Versify Cloud.


Versify's Cloud Hosted Platform

Versify provides a complete cloud hosted solution for all of it’s applications.  Fully managed services are provided for quick implementations and configuration, a secure and economical infrastructure platform and a robust library of interfaces and integration capabilities.

Now you can leverage and manage all your data through a single application with only a browser.

Enabling your employees to work from anywhere, anytime.

  • Secure Hosted and Managed Solution in Versify Private Cloud
  • Versify Energy Industry Database
  • Web-based Versify Software Platform
  • Versify Standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Systems Integration and Data Transformation Platform with Monitoring and Notification
  • Database and Application Backup and Recovery
  • Remote Disaster Recovery Environment
  • Integrated Role-based Security with Audit Log
  • Library of pre-defined Report Templates
  • Ad-hoc Reporting Capabilities
  • Fully Managed Private SaaS Cloud Environment
  • Provides robust, industry proven data model out of the box
  • Eliminates lengthy application implementation projects
  • Provides extensive inventory of proven systems integration
  • Models all generation & transmission technologies


Versify's On-Premise Services

Versify provide on on-premise services allowing for support for on-site installation and upgrades. Equipment minimum requirements and configurations are provided and virtualization is supported.  Training is provided for employees so they can install and configure the platform and implement updates.  The Versify technical staff are available by phone and web conferencing during all implementations and upgrades as needed to support change management.

Versify V-Performance connects to your data sources, such as operational data historians, markets, weather forecast and work management systems.

You can use this connected data to: create integrated workflows, standardize reports and dashboards, create analytics and automate processes.