Resources for Understanding NERC Compliance Standards

NERC Compliance Standards are subject to quarterly reviews, frequent updates and constant revisions. Keeping your entity’s NERC standard compliance department up-to-date can be nearly impossible.  Versify Solutions is the expert at all the nuances and dynamics of NERC. We compiled a list of resources that will keep your entity NERC compliant in real-time.

NERC Compliance Standards Quarterly Reviewsshutterstock_79965232

The NERC Board of Trustees meets quarterly to discuss NERC Reliability Standards and other operational issues. In August 2013, the NERC Board of Trustees approved three new NERC Compliance Standards at its quarterly meeting.

The three new standards are:

  • Phase 2 Relay Loadability: Generation – PRC-025-1, which sets load responsive protective relays during transient time periods.

  • Phase 1 Balancing Authority Reliability-Based Controls – BAL-001-2, which maintains interconnection steady date frequency within the defined limits by balancing real power demand and supply in real time.

  • Primary Frequency Response in ERCOT – BAL-001-TRE-1, which maintains ERCOT’s interconnection steady state within defined limits by balancing real power demand and supply in real time.

Meeting announcements, agendas and minutes are posted on the NERC website for reference and review.

Reliability Standard Development

Between 2014 and 2016, NERC will review several new and existing NERC Compliance Standards. The standards are all posted for comment and review on NERC’s website. There are  over 40 NERC standards and projects at varying stages of development, review, adoption and voting.

Training and Communication

NERC posts a Weekly Bulletin which includes all the latest updates and news regarding NERC Compliance. The weekly bulletin compiles a list of all current Standards work, events, sources and other NERC news.  The Bulletin also includes information about valuable Webinars and workshops which can help your entity’s compliance officer stay informed of all the changes. It also includes links to new resources posted on the NERC website that detailed best practices and industry-wide knowledge.

Portal Compliance for NERC Compliance

Versify Solutions offers it Portal Compliance software as a way of keeping your entity up-to-date with the standards for NERC Compliance. NETcompliance is preloaded with NERC Compliance Standards and also updated in real-time. The software automatically tracks compliance data, compliance related events and operational information; limiting human error in data entry. As Portal Compliance tracks data, it also is tracking your compliance status. NERC Compliance reports can be run at anytime, from any location.