Real-Time Margin Analysis for Precision Decision Making

Generation assets need to be managed and analyzed to ensure your business interests are financially optimized. V-Performance from Versify Solutions delivers a powerful real-time margin analysis solution to ensure your assets are always protected and thriving.

The Importance of Real-Time Margin Analysis

Simply looking at your earnings can be misleading. This information is not enough to get aan accurate analysis of your energy company’s margins. This telling ratio of your business earnings to business volume is the first step in any financial analysis and without this step, you are in danger of failing to cover energy production costs and overhead expenses, which would leading to financial instability.

Margin analysis is also helpful with comparing your business to your competitors. A higher margin indicates that you are managing your assets and your business right–and the only way to be sure is with real-time margin analysis.

Real-time analysis will help you reduce indirect costs and minimize your overhead costs. V-Performance is Versify’s data management software that includes access to market data and comparables and that gives you all the intelligence you need to make real-time critical management decisions with fine-tuned precision.

The Benefits of Real-Time Margin Analysis with V-Performance

Real-time margin analysis with V-Performance gives you a comprehensive financial view so you can run your entire energy operation from plant to portfolio in the most optimized manner. Benefits and features include:

  • Real-time logging and reporting of all plant related events

  • Seamless integration with your existing systems including ICCP, OPC, API, web services, EAI, FTP and fifty additional energy industry systems

  • Web, mobile and email access

  • The ability to schedule outages based on market financials

  • Access to an extensive database of energy industry data, allowing you to analyze your current market position in real-time

  • Shifts employee thinking to a profitability perspective while improving interdepartmental communication

  • Flexible report writer that generates reports on a daily, monthly and yearly basis

  • A user-friendly dashboard and platform for ease of use and acceptance at all-levels

Advanced Capabilities for Precision Decision Making

The energy industry is dynamic and no matter the size of your generation assets, energy managers must be able to make critical decisions every day. In addition to real-time margin analysis, Versify Solutions offers comprehensive data management and NERC compliance software. Contact Versify to arrange a software demo or a free consultation.