Professional Power Industry Service for NERC Compliance

Wondering why you need a professional power industry service for NERC compliance?

NERC compliance is a constantly shifting target. The non-governmental organization responsible for the security of the power grid works with stakeholders to make adjustments to their Reliability Standards. For power entities, this can create a confusing and frustrating situation. Navigating the shifts and version changes can also present a costly situation for entities and their compliance programs.

Professional power industry service for your NERC compliance programs can make the critical difference between compliance and non-compliance.  By using a professional power industry service, you can power your compliance program with confidence and ease.

About NERCEvent_Log_Monitoring

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation is dedicated to ensuring the reliability of the North American Bulk Power Grid by protecting the grid and the thousands of miles of electric lines that bring power to millions of customers. NERC’s territory covers all of the continental United States, Canada and part of northern Mexico in Baja California.  There are over 90 NERC Reliability Standards, including the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards (also known as NERC-CIP). NERC CIP standards specifically address cyber security protection measures.

NERC and NERC CIP standards are enforced by the eight empowered Regional Entities. These entities perform audits, refine and enforce NERC standards within their region.


NERC CIP is currently in Version 3; however Version 5 will become the standard on April 1, 2016.  The NERC Board voted to skip the Version 4 revisions. Version 5 includes many updates that align with technology updates and security concerns.

Version 5 is still undergoing review and refinement NERC has established a full. Even though April 2016 seems far away, compliance with NERC CIP Version 5, is required to be complete on April 1. For the interim period it is critical that your entity works towards full compliance.

Benefits of Professional Power Industry Service

Using a professional power industry service for NERC compliance is critical. A professional power software application can provide your entity with automated data capture, compliance reporting and more. Versify Solutions, the leading provider of intelligence driven software solutions, is the expert at professional compliance software programs.

Our signature software product, V-Performance is powered by the Portal Compliance application. Portal Compliance automates event and data capture to ensure all compliance related events are captured, coded and aligned with the NERC standards. With the touch of a button, Portal Compliance provides your entity with immediate compliance reporting.

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