Power Industry Reporting: Resources and Tools

Industry reporting can be tedious, confusing, and time consuming. Luckily, there are many resources available to power industry entities to support power industry reporting and decision making. Power entities can benefit from the rich variety of resources available from numerous agencies. They can  also benefit from internal reporting tools that can power their stakeholder reporting, NERC compliance and business decision making.shutterstock_129296843-1

Let’s take a look at power industry reporting resources and tools available to entities operating on the North American Bulk Power Grid.

ISO/RTO Power Industry Reporting

ISO and Regional Transmission Organizations have a plethora of reports and data available to power entities. These agencies track the marketplace, monitor outages and ensure that the lights stay on 24/7. Reports from ISO/RTO’s include:

Pricing Data, such us:

  • Day-ahead Market LBMP

  • Real-time Market LBMP

  • Time-Weighted/Integrated RT

  • Ancillary Services

  • Rates

  • Price Corrections

  • Rate Schedules

  • National Grid Pricing

  • Archived Pricing

Power Grid Data, including:

  • Day-ahead scheduled outages

  • Real-time scheduled outages

  • Real-time actual

  • Outage schedule

  • Generation Maintenance Report

  • Limiting Constraints

  • Day-ahead limiting constraints

  • Interface Limits and Flows

  • Circulation RT

  • Circulation Day-Ahead

  • Voltage Collapse Transmission

  • PAR Schedules

  • PAR Flows

  • Day-Ahead PAR Schedule Diagram


  • Long Term ATC-TTC


  • ATC Detailed Algorithm

  • Transfer Limitations

  • Transmission Study Reports

Load Data Reports, including:

  • Load Forecast

  • Zonal Load Commitment

  • Load Forecast Weather Data

  • Load Forecast Assumptions

  • Actual Load

  • Hourly Loads

  • Integrated Real-time loads

  • Real-time loads

  • Monthly Forecast loads

General reports, including:

  • Capacity Report

  • Daily Energy

  • Balancing Market Advisories

  • Major Emergency Events

  • Operational Announcements

  • Application of Reliability Rules

  • Notice of Discretionary Acts

  • Price Validation Quarterly Reports

With such an enormous list of reports, energy entities need a power industry reporting tool that can manage external data efficiently and intelligently.

Tools for Capturing Entity Data

Entities can also benefit from the massive amounts of data generated by their facilities. By using a reporting tool with automated event capture, entities can easily generate internal reports that include:

  • NERC Compliance reporting

  • Outage planning and management

  • Portfolio and investment reviews

  • Portfolio historical and forecasts

  • Generation Capacity

  • Security, login and human resource reporting

Using a power industry reporting software tool like the Versify Solutions, Versify Operating System, your entity can integrate internal data with external data to generate intelligent and data rich reports.

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