Power Industry Data Management Software Buyers Guide

Power industry data management software needs to power your entity, so you can power your customers, your business and out-power your competition. Your entity produces mass amounts of data every minute. You also receive mass amounts of data every minute from your regional ISO, NERC, the financial markets and other sources. Storing, analyzing and efficiently utilizing this big data can be an obstacle or, if managed correctly by power industry data management software, it can be your biggest asset.

Rich, analyzed data transformed into energy market intelligence can drive all your decisions from security to purchasing to entity and facilities management. Power industry data management software needs to be able to collect, store and analyze your data.

Collect Data


One of the biggest challenges for energy entities is finding a way to efficiently and accurately collect data. In the old days, event logs were created manually, transcribed and consolidation by hand, leaving room for user error. Now, using tools like Versify Solutions’ automated data collection in its premier V-Performance software platform, energy entities do not have to struggle to collect data. V-Performance uses smart data capture to ensure the right data is collected and organized where it belongs. This allows our data to be collected in real-time, across multiple locations and from multiple users.

Automated data capture also categorizes your data so it can be used for multiple reports to multiple stakeholders.

Store Data Securely

So, you have efficiently collected and organized mass amounts of data–how do you ensure you do not lose it? Versify Solutions power data management software systems operate on the highly secure and constantly backed-up Versify Operating System. IN the event of a cyber catastrophe, your data is always safe.

Analyze Your Data

The power industry is dynamic, complicated and made up of many stakeholders requiring data-rich reports. From your ISO to your Regional Entity to NERC to FERC to your shareholders, your entity must file reports ranging from planned outages, capacity projections, financial reports, annual reports, compliance reports and other information. V-Performance produces these customized reports at the touch of a button–you will never risk compliance or be behind in outage planning again.

V-Performance also features dashboard reporting which makes real-time and inter department communication efficient and easy. Dashboard can be customized for each entity and even customized by department and user login.

The Versify Operating System is the most comprehensive solution for asset and dispatch management. Contact us today to learn more, take a tour through our products and let us help you use the most efficient power industry data management software on the planet: V-Performance!