Generation & Transmission Digital Logbook:

Versify’s Power Generation & Transmission Digital Logbook gives you unprecedented control of your business with workflow management and automation. Configure workflows, digitize forms and manage electronic approvals. Reduce administrative complexity, maintain compliance and improve productivity.

Workflow management. workflow automation. business process improvement.



Simplify. Operations.Smart Business Processes.

Improve efficiency in operations across multiple teams and departments. Convert time consuming and confusing manual processes to streamlined and compliant best practices.


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A Single Platform with Unprecedented Flexibility

Start with Versify’s accelerators or build your own processes using the Versify’s Digital Logbook Platform.  Electronic logging with easy-to-use data entry, user configurable forms, workflows and approvals.

Manage Thousands of Events Each Month. Configure Customized Workflows.

Complex portfolios required coordination across multiple sites, asset managers and executives to monitor operational and financial performance. Fragmented systems and manual processes failed to provide key information.

Versify automates processes through event capture, reporting and decision support tools. Implement workflow automation and electronic forms to automate manual business processes and improve consistency of operations.

Coordinate Operations. Mobile Field Workforce.

Client's manual processes proved ineffective and not scalable with rapid growth of wind and solar power generation renewables portfolio. High risk for non-compliance and potential safety issues.

Versify automates and streamlines key business processes. Integrate with enterprise work management systems (CMMS) and digitized Health, Safety and Environmental processes to monitor status of Permit to Work.

NERC Compliance. Evidence Capture.

Most companies have fragmented and manual evidence capture and reporting for FERC, NERC and EIA-861 reporting. Ineffective and disorganized spreadsheet-based logs lack transparency.

Versify provides client-specific business process workflows combined with NERC standards, requirements and measures. Electronic logging facilitates manual log entries, time-based events and SCADA generated events.

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  • Automatically create log entries based on operating or market data
  • SMS, Email and Work Queue Alerting, Alarming and Escalation
  • Comprehensive Operator Log with Advanced Search and Filtering Capabilities
  • Create Form, Question & Answer, and Approval Workflows
  • Document Upload and/or Link Association
  • Ad-hoc reporting tool for reporting on metrics


  • Automates manual processes with an integrated workflow application to provide a consistent record keeping and event capture
  • Enables improved communications and decision making among business units with robust logging and information sharing