Permit to Work Software (PTW) for the Control of Work

Permit to Work Software for the Control of Work

Versify Permit to Work PTW Software for Control to Work (CoW)Versify’s Mobile Control of Work software with integrated workflow and electronic forms, improves the effectiveness and procedural compliance of the general permit to work system and control of work processes.  Versify’s electronic Permit to Work software with integrated workflows enables energy and utility companies starter permit to work templates and samples they can configure and modify to comply with their own internal processes and OSHA standards.  Permit to Work policy may differ between companies, so Versify has made sure all of their Control of Work systems are highly configurable by the customer.

Many companies today are using Permit to Work Word templates or paper forms, which can easily be misplaced or not filled out completely.   Many of the forms and documents in a Control to Work system are comprised of multiple forms, emails and communication methods. This can be difficult to manage and increases the risk of accidents and safety concerns.

Versify Mobile Workforce Control of WorkVersify’s Permit to Work software is web based and mobile enabled, allowing the workforce to access at any desktop or laptop with a browser or tablet and mobile device.  The solution is easy and simple to configure. Processes, procedures, rules, standards and documents can be configured exactly to your needs.  Routing and approval workflows can be activated to ensure supervisors or managers can review and approve completed work permits.  Your staff and workforce will have full visibility into the activities and events going on at all times, simplifying communications and administration.

Versify’s Control to Work software enables our customers to manage all of the processes in a single consistent platform (e.g. Permit to Work (PTW), Operational Risk Assessments (ORA), Isolations, Switching Orders, JSA/JHA, Lock-out-Tag-out (LOTO), etc.)

Additional digital forms and workflow examples are available on Versify’s Mobile Control of Work software platform that can be configured for each specific energy and utility business department.  For instance, recording compliance events, lessons learned, automated SCADA based events and alarms and shift turnover/handover can also be configured and modeled in the application for a complete solution to effective operations.

Versify Control of Work Permit to Work (PTW)All of the events, permits and forms are easily tracked and reported on through Versify’s Digital Logbook.  The digital or electronic logbook serves as an operators logbook or workbook where all of the business processes and events are being recorded.  Utility and power plant management and staff all use the same central repository, which can be configured with different permissions for different roles, where they can quickly review recent or past events and work permits.

Because Versify is a fully hosted solution, there is very little, if any IT staffing or resource overhead required.  A complete Control of Work solution with Work Permits and other electronic forms and automated processes you may need can be quickly setup and configured.  The intuitive interface reduces training requirements to only a few minutes.  Staff can be operational very efficiently and effectively without the need for long training sessions and volumes of documentation!

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