Overcoming Reporting Challenges for Merchant Generators

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Merchant generators know the wholesale marketplace is competitive, dynamic and risky place.  In order to minimize risk and maximize your profits for your investors, you need real-time information on your performance, your competition and the general market conditions.

V-Performance from Versify Solutions offers it all in a seamless, fully-integrated software package. V-Performance gives you all the information you need to thrive and succeed in the merchant generator marketplace.  This information includes our comprehensive suite of data collection, and analysis products that summarize key performance metrics.

V-Performance Reporting Features for Merchant Generators

All merchant generators have the same challenge: compiling and reporting performance metrics consumes valuable time that should be spent optimizing your plant operations. The solution is the data-collection and reporting systems in V-Performance.

Features include:

  • Standard and custom key performance indicators calculated hourly
  • Comprehensive library of report templates to create customized and complete reports for your team and management
  • The ability to identify and correct invalid data from third party systems
  • Integration with historical data
  • Margin and profit/loss reporting to help identify opportunities for growth
  • Operational summaries to help assess play performance
  • Automated Commercial Availability and EFOR calculations
  • Executive reporting capability to display on monitors

The end-result: consistent application of metric and data company-wide; allowing you to make precision decisions based on real-time information.

Customized Ad Hoc Queries

The wholesale merchant generator market is fluid; which means your reporting needs will change as the market changes. Many merchant generators require daily reports. The customized Ad Hoc query application allows you to build your own queries and reports against the Versify database as well as against the integrated historical data. The Ad Hod Query function is user friendly and reduces the reliance on IT support by searching and identifying suspect or invalid data. The system also saves all queries and reports and allows for easy export of all reports.

User-friendly with Real-time Access

V-Performance software allows all standard and custom reports to be accessed anywhere via your mobile device.  Managers can access all plant information in real-time. The software is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile devices. Mobile access provides insight to management and plant personnel in real time and allows them to be more reactive to operations and market conditions.  Want to learn more? Contact Versify to arrange a software demo today.