Outage Management Software - Rapid Deployment

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Need a better way to manage and coordinate outages?

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Errors
  • Save Time
  • Improve Safety



Versify’s Generation Outage Management System (OMS) Rapid Software

The Versify Generation Outage Management System facilitates the complex processes associated with managing outages for fossil and renewable generation assets such as coal, natural gas, wind, solar and hydro power plants.  Versify’s OMS supports processes and workflows including:

  • Outage Management Software ScreenshotOutage Planning
  • Outage Coordination
  • Approving Outages
  • Outage Reporting
  • Submitting Outages to ISO, RTO and Reliability Coordinators

Versify’s Outage Management System software suite improves commercial performance by reducing the likelihood of offering capacities into the market that cannot be delivered and caused by rescheduling or extending outages due to lack of coordination and planning.  It also provides significant O&M savings by reducing the frequency and duration of outages, improving reliability and safety metrics and facilitating continual process improvements throughout operations.

The Versify Outage Management System software suite is an integrated workflow application managing the complex end-to end outage process for generation assets.  Versify automates the outage management process across your portfolio and integrates with the ISO/RTOs and Reliability Coordinators.

By providing transparency to the commercial team, asset management team, and plant operations teams, the Outage Management System reduces lost market opportunities and assists in identifying the best times for performing asset maintenance.  Versify’s Outage Management Software integrates with your work management systems to prioritize field force activities and reduce administrative burden on field crews.

Outage Management Software in the CloudVersify OMS™ Rapid Deployment:

The Versify Rapid Deployment package allows you to improve your operations and recognize the following benefits in just a few weeks:

  • Reduce your errors from manual data entry
  • Minimize the risk of non-compliance
  • Increase revenue/margin from your assets
  • Improve real-time decisions
  • Lower operational and IT costs

This new cost-effective offering of Versify’s leading enterprise hardened software-as-a-service cloud application. OMS Rapid Deployment provides users offers a simple and flexible way to log events, activities and compliance requirements into a single tool, simplifying communication across your organization. An economical and practical solution,  OMS Rapid Deployment is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized IPPs, utilities or municipal energy providers who need to quickly and cost-effectively implement a full feature logging and reporting solution.

The Versify OMS™ solutions for rapid, pre-configured deployment includes:

– 10 Users
– Includes 5 Templates: General Outage Entry and 4 of your choice from Versify standard Template Library
– Versify provides user maintenance and support.
– 1 ISO Outage Integration for automatically submitting and synchronizing outages
– Hosted Solution, only Internet Explorer is required, no installation needed


  • Forced and Planned Outage Management
  • Templates for common processes such as Planned, Forced and Maintenance Outages
  • Customized fields and event categories
  • Easy setup, Versify managed and configured, no installation and anywhere access with Internet Explorer
  • Ability to link OMS Outage Tickets and PORTAL Logs

Full Feature List

  • Forced and Planned Outage Tickets Management
  • Impacts integrated with energy Availability and Forecasts
  • NERC GADS management and reporting
  • Outage Listing and Gantt Time-based View with Advanced Search and Filter Capability
  • Outage Ticket views of History, Overlapping Events, and Availability Graph
  • Automated ISO/RTO Outage integration
  • Fleet wide availability report
  • Outage Calendar with daily, weekly and monthly calendar views
  • Historic Outages by Causes report
  • Real-time outage view for outages starting/ending on current day with auto refresh and conditional formatting
  • Report Builder
  • Ad-hoc Reporting Tool for reporting on metrics
  • Select data range, unit(s) and data type (events, hourly metrics, schedules, etc.)
  • Save, export to Excel, chart and print capabilities
  • Workflow Engine
  • Form, Question & Answer, and Approval Workflows
  • Guided Workflow Engine with integrated Workflow Form Builder
  • Notifications for workflow participants, requestors, etc.
  • Serial and parallel branching
  • Document Upload and/or Link Association
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  • Reduce O&M costs
  • Reduce frequency and duration of outages
  • Improve reliability and safety metrics
  • Reduce risk for field personnel
  • Eliminate redundant software costs
  • Provide visibility across business lines