Optimizing and Securing Your Automated Dispatch System

In the ever changing landscape of the power utility industry, companies are struggling with the demands of an increasingly complex interchange. Supply and demand has become especially more difficult to balance, and given the increasing popularity of renewable energy sources in many markets, the challenges that electric companies face will continue to threaten the reliability of the power grid. For responsible entities in the bulk electric system (BES), it is crucial to remain vigilant in order to prevent issues with voltage, power flow, and energy quality.

If your company is one of the more state-of-the-art utility companies, you may be employing an integrated automated dispatch system to increase the efficiency and reliability of your control systems. Automated dispatch streamlines interchange transmission, allowing you to optimize generation control, transaction scheduling, load shedding and forecasting, and various functions related to renewable sources. By monitoring real-time data from weather forecasting systems and energy trading analysis systems, automated dispatch systems empower companies to better control their resources, resulting in increased profits, reliability, and independence from external generation.

Expanding Renewables through Integrated Automated Dispatch Systems

Integrating weather and market forecasting data with advanced capabilities for data collection and reporting is only the beginning in what promises to be a revolution in efficiency for energy companies. One of the recent success stories that highlights the benefits of integrated automation is that of Burbank Water & Power (BWP) which powers many large movie studios and media companies. By integrating demand and supply resources with real-time and day-ahead operations, BWP is developing a system that gives them more useful information and better control of available resources.

As renewable energy sources such as solar and wind continue to be developed, integrated into the grid, and mandated by local and federal government entities, it is important for energy companies to find ways to balance the initial expenses and risks by leveraging their data management infrastructures. Automated dispatch systems play an important role in this challenging task; however, they require software solutions powerful enough to handle the data capture and analysis necessitated by newer technologies and their rapidly changing usage and generation patterns.

Versify Solutions: Innovative Software for Innovative Energy

As a company with extensive experience in energy information systems, Versify strives to empower our clients by providing the industry’s best solutions for data management, analysis, and reporting. We apply our knowledge, experience, and dedicated research with state-of-the-art technology to bring electric utility providers the most intelligent software products on the market.  Versify’s Portal Compliance software solution will keep you prepared for NERC audits, Versify Solutions are sure to improve your reliability as well as your bottom line.

Contact Versify now to find out how you can boost the efficiency and security of your automated dispatch system and your entire system operations.