Generating Availability Data System (GADS) was initiated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) in 1982 to collect and track data from all conventional generator owners.

GADS reporting provides the bulk power industry with valuable information on the reliability, availability and maintainability of the power grid. As a result of GADS, NERC has the operating histories on more than 7,700 generating units, representing over 70% of all generating capacity in the United States and Canada.


Effective in January 2017, NERC announced mandatory reporting for GADS Wind Turbine Generation with the following phased-in schedule:

  • Year one (2017) – Voluntary Reporting
  • Year two (2018) – Total Installed Capacity of 200 MW or larger plants
  • Year three (2019) – Total Installed Capacity of 100 MW to 199.99 MW plants
  • Year four (2020) – Total Installed Capacity of 75 MW to 99.99 MW plants

GADS Wind reporting instructions require the submission of Sub-Group, Performance and Component Outage reports for Wind Turbine generators.

Who must provide GADS Reports?

NERC GADS reports became mandatory in January 2013. All organizations that won generation and are listed in the NERC Compliance Registry (NCR) must submit GADS reports. There are currently over 900 Generation Owners (GO) listed in the Registry. All conventional generating units with a nameplate rating over 20 MW are required to submit GADS reports. Generating units less than 20 MW may report on a voluntary basis.

Are there non-compliance penalties?

There are no penalties for non-compliance with GADS reporting. However, if an entity continues to be in non-compliance and does not submit in GADS reports, NERC may report that entity to FERC for enforcement.

When is GADS data required?

GADS reports are due one 45 days following the end of the quarter. The first quarter ends March 31; therefore entities have until May 15th to report their event data.

Is there training available?

NERC offers GADS report training, as well as training programs throughout the year on data analysis and usage.

Why should my company care about GADS Reporting?

Besides GADS reporting being mandatory, GADS data provides essential industry information for bulk power generators. GADS data has helped standardize the performance of combined cycle and peaking generating units. International entities are also able to participate in GADS as affiliate members.

How can I track my GADS reporting data?

NERC’s website offers tools and information about tracking GADS data. All bulk power entities can also integrate GADS reports into their NERC compliance program.

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