NERC Compliance Training Checklist

A major part of remaining compliant with the North American Energy Reliability Corporation is implementing and enforcing a formal NERC Compliance Training program. However, as with all things related to NERC compliance, figuring out what training is required and what training is recommended can make your head spin. Versify Solutions, the leader in knowledge-based software solutions for NERC compliance, has assembled the NERC Compliance Training Checklist, to help demystify the training process for all major energy stakeholders.

Audit Workshops for Regional Entities

The auditor training program for the regional entities works towards expanding entities skill set so they conduct high-quality audits that are consistent across the regions. The workshops include presentations and practical exercises. Each year two auditor workshops for regional entities are offered in two different

Audit Workshops for Registered Entities

As part of NERC compliance training for registered entities, NERC offers audit workshops that cover ways generators, operators and distributors of bulk energy can be prepared for audits. Topics include Find, Fix and Track, Internal Controls and Implementation plans. These workshops are offered once a year.

Compliance Operations Webinars

NERC offers a series of webinars directed at those in charge of entity and facility operations. Webinars are offered throughout the year and typically review current standards and tips on implementation.

Registration and Certification Webinars

Registration and certification webinars are offered throughout the year to help familiarize bulk power companies with the registration and certification process. Update webinars are also held to keep all stakeholders up to speed on changing requirements.

Compliance Enforcement Webinars

Compliance enforcement webinars provide opportunities for stakeholders to refer compliance data. These webinars are scheduled annually.

System Operator Training and Certification

System operator training and certification program encompass the largest focus area of NERC compliance training. This program ensures that personnel who are responsible for operating the bulk-power system have the skills, training and education they need.  The program prepares operators to handle the bulk-power system during normal and emergency operations. The program also provides operator continuing education. Following completion of the required training, operators take the certification exam.

Portal Compliance, from Versify Solutions, is a comprehensive software solution for all your compliance needs. Portal Compliance can help your entity stay on top of training requirements as well as provide a module for tracking completed education and training. For more information and to discuss your compliance needs, contact Versify Solutions today.