NERC Compliance Solution

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a not-for-profit entity whose sole mission is to ensure the reliability of the bulk power grid in North America.  A key part of this mission is to develop and enforce Reliability Standards that all power entities in North America must adhere to. The only NERC compliance solution your entity needs is Portal Compliance, from Versify Solutions.

Understanding NERCNERCComplianceSolution

There are over 90 NERC Reliability Standards as well the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards. NERC’s jurisdiction includes users, owners and operators in the United States, Canada and the northern portion of Baja California, Mexico. The bulk power grid that  NERC oversees serves more than 334 million people and impacts more than 1,900 bulk power owners and operators. NERC’s key programs include:

  • Assuring reliability by identifying and address event and risks

  • Providing assurance to the public, power industry and government that the power grid is reliable

  • Promoting learning and continuous improvement of operations of the bulk power system

  • Focusing attention, resources and actions on the issues that most impact reliability

While NERC oversees reliability, it relies on the eight regional entities to enforce compliance with owners and operators in their respective geographic areas.

Why Compliance is So Complicated

Compliance is not voluntary and it must be implemented in real-time. NERC is constantly changing and updating its Reliability Standards. In addition, new versions can become outdated before they are officially adopted, meaning your entity must skip ahead to new versions. There are many nuances that can be difficult to understand. NERC compliance also requires extensive documentation of all activities, risks and reliability events.

What further complicates matters is the implementation and enforcement by Regional Entities. Depending on the size and geographic spread of your power entity, you may be required to report and work with multiple Regional Entities.

To help combat the complicated nature of NERC compliance it would benefit all entities operating in North America to have a NERC Compliance Solution.

Portal Compliance: the only NERC Compliance Solution You Will Ever Need!

Portal Compliance is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge NERC compliance solution. Portal Compliance is pre-loaded with all NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards. It is constantly updated as NERC updates its standards to ensure you have real-time compliance information.

Portal Compliance provides entities with:

  • On-the-spot compliance

  • A user friendly, organized and automated software solution that records all compliance related issues

  • Dashboard summary reporting

  • Pre-loaded NERC requirements tied directly to system events

To get started with your NERC compliance solution, contact us today for a no-obligation walk through of Portal Compliance and assessment of your NERC Compliance risk.