NERC Compliance Management Toolkit

NERC compliance management is a necessary and often, tedious, part of your energy business operation.  There are over 90 NERC Reliability Standards, as well as the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. Each of these standards require a multitude of proof, evidence and paperwork.

If you fail to provide the required information, you risk non-compliance fines and costly interruptions in your operation. NERC compliance management is a critical element in making sure your operation remains reliable, functional and most importantly, profitable.

Versify Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions for the energy industry, has all the tools you need for your NERC compliance management.

3 NERC compliance management tools

shutterstock_166344779Tool 1: Compliance Team

NERC requires each entity and each location an entity operates to select a compliance officer who is responsible for managing compliance. This officer can be fully dedicated to managing just compliance or partially dedicated to compliance. No matter what option you choose, your compliance officer needs a team of employees from various levels and departments to be part of overall compliance efforts. This team can work in their individual departments to ensure compliance protocols are being followed, alert the head compliance officer of any challenges and serve as single-points-of-contact for individuals in their respective departments.

Tool 2: NERC Training

Part of NERC’s mission in ensuring the reliability of the North American Power Grid is providing education and training opportunities to entity compliance officers, leadership and department management. While some training is required; most is not mandatory. Yet this training provides essential insights and tools that get help your compliance efforts. NERC offers training in everything compliance related. Training is both on-site and via regularly scheduled webinars.

Tool 3: Automated Event Capture

The very center point of NERC compliance is providing proof of compliance via a detailed event log. Events that must be logged range from internal meetings and staff memos to security breaches and computer log-ins. The data required is rich, complicated and massive. While your entity certainly can keep track of events manually, that practice is tedious and leaves room for massive error and oversight. By using a software program like Portal Compliance with automated event capture, you can automatically track all compliance related events, the resolution to any concerns as well as all staff training, correspondence and discussions.

Find out more about NERC compliance management by calling Versify Solutions! We have all the inside information for all your compliance needs.