Making NERC Compliance Easy

NERC, The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, is the entity that enforces the government regulations for the Bulk Electric System. All associated companies within the power industry are required to take NERC compliance seriously and put forth their best efforts in adhering to all the NERC standards that apply to their specific area of service. Compliance audits, during which a company undergoes a thorough evaluation, are performed on average every three years. Participants in the BES can potentially receive penalties and fines for their lack of NERC compliance.

The looming penalty structure is reason enough for most entities to work hard at adherence. With fines as large as a million dollars per day per fine, this is no small matter. Above and beyond avoiding costly penalties, companies should desire to uphold all NERC standards as a matter of principle and responsibility. The reliability of the Bulk Electric System lies in the hands of the many operators working for various power companies across the country. The responsibility of maintaining the system’s reliability is a great one. Safety and smooth functioning are just two more of the major reasons for taking this responsibility very seriously.

How our Software Makes NERC Compliance Easy

Versify’s Portal Compliance exists to make NERC compliance easy. Utilizing this software alleviates stress of potential threats, saves time and money and allows for smoother communication and faster response. The process management tools built into this software allow every company that uses it to build a custom workflow that fits its specific internal controls and processes. The software makes meeting the obligations embedded in the NERC standards easy by helping operators gain real time information on both standard changes and operations within their own control rooms.

The internal controls of the software interface allow evidence collection processes that ensure NERC compliance activity is tracked and recorded. This software is not simply a tool that is focused on compliance but rather on the reliability that ensures compliance. Rather than always having to be reactionary when it comes to NERC compliance, Versify’s Portal Compliance software allows you to manage situations in real time and put plans into action before potential threats are realized and standards are broken.