Learn What Power Generation Software Can Do For Your Energy Company

Power generators have unique technology needs to support generation capacity, distribution, compliance and security. Since assets are large and expensive, monitoring security and operations needs to be automated and secure. Versify Solutions, the leader in technology solutions for the energy industry, offers numerous power generation software products to support everything from capacity management to energy trading to NERC compliance.

Key Technology Considerations for Power Generators

Power Generations must keep their enterprise operating at its most efficient capacity while managing the distribution and profit making pieces of their business. It is not enough to just create energy. But understand that energy is an income producing commodity that needs to be utilized efficiently and constantly. And moreover, that energy needs to be protected against cyber or terroristic attacks, as well as be in line with all 90 NERC Reliability Standards and CIP guidelines.

Technology and customized power generation software gives power generators the edge in the marketplace. Software should be:shutterstock_133989746

  • Easily customized

  • Integrated into existing data management and technology infrastructure

  • User friendly

  • Secure

  • Collaborative

  • Linked to best energy industry resources available

  • Updated with market data in real-time

Your entity’s software needs to power your business; so you can provide power to North America.

The Versify Suite of Power Generation Software

Versify offers a full range of comprehensive software solutions for generators. Our power generation software includes:

  • NETCompliance for all your NERC and NERC CIP compliance needs. Portal Compliance is preloaded with all NERC Reliability Standards and automatically logs compliance related events. It’s user-friendly Dashboard reporting allows all stakeholders to review potential security and compliance issues. It also allows for manual input of compliance data, such as memos, training, hiring and other events which cannot be automatically tracked.

  • V-Performance is designed specifically for power generators to ensure they can review their capacity, output, pricing and demand. It is preloaded with current market pricing to help you remain competitive. It also has Dashboard reporting and a web-based interface to allow users to interact and collaborate across multiple locations.

  • V-Trader and V-Trader with SmartStat is designed to support your energy trading business. V-Trader supplies more than just market data—it provides full historical analysis and future predictions, so you can make trading decisions with fine-tuned precision.

What to Learn More?

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