Key Considerations for energy industry data management software

When searching for energy industry data management software, you must consider a myriad of issues. First and foremost, your energy industry data management software needs to be made specifically for the energy industry. Using a management software that is not specifically designed for energy entities is not efficient and will lead to additional work for your team.

Let’s look at other key considerations for energy industry data management software.

Software Platform

shutterstock_122832445Instead of investing in one or more individual applications that support your needs, look to invest in a software platform. Using a software platform allows you to link individual applications in one place, ensuring consistency. It also provides you with a platform for updates and new applications. Choosing a software platform can ensure the long term success of your investment  by providing you with room to grow.


While many software programs may bill themselves as compatible with your operating system, it is important to ensure that this is absolutely the case. Often, software platforms may be nearly compatible or upgrading for compatibility comes at a higher price. Your energy industry data management software should be a platform that is flexible and compatible, no matter what operating system you use to power your entity.

Web-based Platform

Having a web-based platform for your energy industry software ensures that users in multiple locations have access 24-7. For your management team, this means they can work remotely as required and still have a pulse on what is happening at your entity. In case of emergency, a web-based platform facilitates and supports immediate response.

Automatic Updates and Information Synch

Your energy industry data management software should have the ability to perform automatic updates and information synch functions from internal and external sources. For energy entities, automated data capture is particularly important as you must monitor capacity, outages and security functions. In addition, your software platform should be pre-loaded with NERC reliability standards as well as ISO/RTO reporting requirements.

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboarding reporting gives you a real-time snapshot of performance metrics and other data. It also provides you with the ability to customize dashboard for various levels of users, which gives you greater control over data access.

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