Integrated Analytics for the the Power Industry

Energy companies today must be able to leverage huge volumes of data to make both strategic and operational decisions, fast. Your data analytics capabilities should support your ability to make these types of decisions by providing real-time data and analysis on  current generation performance, weather, market prices, regulatory requirements and other key factors.

Research shows that energy companies who use real-time data and analytics to make key decisions are thriving in the competitive energy marketplace.  Using an integrated analytics platform can deliver a big return on investment (or assets) to support your power generation operations. The right analytics platform should:shutterstock_169690361

  • Capture, analyze and report on data in real-time… and automate that process

  • Logically relate data across a multitude of sources and reports

  • Work off a constantly updated database of all regulatory standards – NERC, ISO

  • Support trading with real-time data and future market forecasting

  • Compare data across local, regional, and national energy markets

  • Provide both operator and executive-level dashboards and reporting

As the core of Versify’s integrated analytics solution, the Versify Operating System (V-OS) delivers real-time Intelligence to some of the world’s largest power generators and utilities who use our solutions to automate the collection and analysis of large volumes of data from multiple and often disparate sources. Users can store and analyze that data to produce and publish customized reports all over a web-based platform.

We believe V-OS is the new industry standard for integrated analytics for generators striving to manage assets, trading, events, outages and compliance in a coordinate fashion.  The result:  less risk, lower costs, and greater yield on assets, revenue and margin.

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