Idaho Power Corporation Implements Versify Generation and Transmission Outage Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/15/2017, 9:30am

Versify Solutions, Inc.

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Versify Solutions Inc. announced today that Idaho Power Corporation (IPC) is implementing Versify’s Generation and Transmission Outage Management solutions.   Versify was awarded the contract earlier this year after completing the IPC evaluation process. Versify’s SaaS hosted solutions automates much of the outage management process, improves stakeholder coordination, reduces errors and provides the foundation for regulatory and performance reporting.

Versify’s OMS suite is intended to enable Idaho Power to automate much of the complex process of planning, approving, scheduling, submitting and reporting both transmission and generation outages.  Versify’s configurable workflow capabilities are intended to improve automation and facilitate stakeholder coordination.  Versify’s Outage Management System is the primary channel for communication of planned and real time outages to IPC regulating authorities including Independent System Operator (CAISO) and Reliability Coordinators (Peak RC).   The Versify Outage Management suite will manage both outage planning, approval and scheduling as well as generation and transmission switching order operations between the control center and field personnel.  Versify’s integration with IPC  systems provide data and alarms to operators managing the process.  Versify’s Outage Management System will streamline NERC Availability reporting (GADS/TADS).

Versify’s solutions are intended to provide a platform to coordinate and communicate outages, reducing the frequency and duration, improve reliability and safety. Versify’s solution provides metrics for the implementation of continual process improvements throughout operations.  Versify’s solutions will also retire internal legacy systems and replace them with Versify hosted solutions.

About Versify

Versify Solutions, Inc. ( helps power producers optimize key functions and processes for asset performance, event logging, outage management, trading, and compliance to improve the operational and financial performance of generation and transmission assets.  Versify automates the outage management process across the portfolio and integrates with all ISO/RTOs and Reliability Coordinators.

V-Performance provides transparency to commercial teams, asset management teams, and plant operations teams to reduce lost market opportunities and identify the optimal times for performing asset maintenance.    Versify offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities.  For more information, please visit