Announcing Versify’s Latest Release of its Generation Outage Management Application

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/8/2017, 9:30am

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Announcing Versify’s Latest Release of its Generation Outage Management Application

With the release of 6.0, Versify’s Outage Management System (OMS) suite responds to customer demands for outage coordination, advanced workflow, and enhanced reporting capabilities to improve communications and coordination throughout the organization.

GLEN MILLS, Pennsylvania: On July 31st Versify Solutions Inc., unveiled its latest version of the Generation Outage Management System application, a key component of the Outage Management Software Suite.  The Generation Outage Management System is a single platform to manage all phases of a generation asset’s outage, outage coordination, and handles all types of generation technologies including wind, solar, storage and fossil resources.  Versify’s Generation Outage Management software facilitates the complex process of planning, scheduling, approving, submitting and reporting generation outages across the enterprise.

New features include advanced workflow engine approvals and routing capabilities, a real-time outage dashboard for real-time operators, an outage calendar to easily view outages in daily, weekly, and monthly formats, support for maintaining and reporting on NERC Wind GADS, a new recurring outage feature. The release also includes automated interfaces and workflows for exchanging outage information with the market operators (ISO/RTO) and reliability coordinators across the United States.

This launch was driven by customer demand to reduce risk for field personnel, eliminate redundant software costs, and gain additional visibility across business lines. Versify’s Outage Management suite improves commercial performance by reducing the likelihood of offering capacities into the market that cannot be delivered due to rescheduled or extended outages resulting from inadequate coordination and planning.  It also provides significant O&M savings by reducing the frequency and duration of outages, improving reliability and safety metrics and facilitating continual process improvements throughout operations.

The Versify OMS is an integrated workflow application managing the complex end-to end outage management and outage coordination process for generation assets. By providing transparency to the commercial team, asset management team, and plant operations teams, OMS reduces lost market opportunities and assists in identifying the best times for performing asset maintenance.   OMS Integrates with your work management systems to prioritize field force activities and reduce administrative burden on field crews.

Versify Solutions, Inc. ( is a pioneer and leading provider of advanced enterprise situational awareness solutions for the electric power industry.  Versify’s application suite is a first-to-market software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platform that uniquely addresses major challenges faced by companies involved in the generation, transmission, and sale of electric power.  Renewable energy operators, utilities and merchant power producers alike, leverage the Company’s solutions to enable key digital transformation initiatives aimed at increasing revenue, reducing costs, mitigating compliance risks, and operating critical infrastructure assets more efficiently.  Versify’s Outage Management System provides Generation Outage Management software, Transmission Outage Management software, NERC GADS/TADS reporting and is workflow enabled.  Versify’s Portal provides Asset Management software, Operator Logs, NERC Compliance software and is workflow enabled.