Generation Event Logging and Timestamping

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation requires that power entities operating on North American Bulk Power Grid submit a generation event logging report with accurate timestamping as part of compliance efforts. These compliance efforts ensure the security and reliability of the Bulk Power Grid and further support the security and overall reliability of the power grid.

NERC Time Stamping Guidelines

To support all entities in their efforts to remain compliant and secure, NERC developed generation event logging guidelines for time stamping. The guidelines do not dictate where or how time stamping occurs, but rather makes recommendations for the characteristics of the equipment used for time stamping. The guidelines focus on all computer or microprocessor-based operational devices that are used to control, monitor and analyze events on the bulk power grid. These include routers, security systems, firewalls, sequence of event recorders, energy management systems and other data acquisitions equipment.

Why Generation Event Logging and Timestamping is Criticalshutterstock_151187159

Generation event logging is critical to ensure proper time synchronization across interconnections. Demands on the grid are constantly changing and accurate data is necessary to ensure that the grid remains reliable and to avoid unplanned outages. Time stamping plays an important in synchronizing all equipment across multiple locations. To do this, entities need to equip all event logging equipment with an internal clock set to a centralized reference point. NERC recommends using the US Global Position System (GPS) service to set the reference point. 

No matter where you operate—whether in one time zone or four—time stamping your event log should be synchronization and standardized to avoid confusion and outages due to lack of supply.  The devices should use the UTC time zone or another time zone that is clearly identified and easily converted to UTC.

Automate Event Logging

Automating event logging and timestamping can save your entity time and headache. Portal Compliance, from Versify Solutions, offers one-stop convenient automated event logging capabilities. The software is preloaded with all 90 NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards. It also features a Dashboard reporting system and web-based platform that allows for event logging, time synchronization and time stamping across multiple locations and time zones. Dashboard reports can be customized for each user.

The software offers secure storage and analysis of all events and all the big data your entity will generate. The event logging feature automatically synchronizes time stamping, ensuring your entity remains compliant and operational.  

To learn more about event logging and timestamping from Versify Solutions, contact us today!