From Generation to Transmission: Understanding NERC 693 Reliability Standards

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation NERC 693 reliability standards define the reliability requirements for planning and operating the North American bulk power system.

NERC 693 standards govern all stages of the energy process from generation to distribution to transmission. The standards are updated all the time to ensure the North American energy supply is protected and efficient. These constant updates can jeopardize your ability to prove compliance. Versify’s Portal Compliance from Versify Solutions is the most comprehensive regulatory compliance software solution available in the energy market. The software integrates all NERC 693 reliability standards into one seamless package–ensuring compliance and security of your bulk energy supply.


Who must be comply with NERC 693

NERC 693 Reliability Standards apply to all users, owners and operators of the Bulk-Power System in the United States. The standards are written with specific subsets in mind and each standard identifies the subset of users, owners and operators to which that specific standard applies.


This means that all generation, distribution and transmission companies must remain compliant with NERC 693.  Versify’s Versify’s Portal Compliance software for generation companies, distribution companies and transmission companies addresses each standard and allows you to track your data in real-time. This ensures that you are always compliant.


NERC 693 Compliance Areas

The NERC 693 reliability standards govern compliance in the following areas:

  • Resource and demand balancing

  • Communications

  • Critical infrastructure protection

  • Emergency preparedness and operations

  • Facilities design, connections and maintenance

  • Interchange scheduling and coordination

  • Interconnection reliability operations and coordination

  • Modeling, data and analysis

  • Nuclear

  • Personnel performance, training and qualifications

  • Protection and control

  • Transmission operations

  • Transmission planning

  • Voltage and reactive


Versify’s Portal Compliance provides real-time integration of all these regulatory standards with your facility operations by collecting, tracking and reporting compliance-related incidents. End-users can generation standard or custom reports on demand to ensure and prove compliance in real-time.


About Versify Solutions and Versify’s Portal Compliance

Versify Solutions is the leader in providing expertise and technology solutions for the energy industry. The power industry is dynamic and demanding. Versify Solutions meets that demand with dynamic, market-driven software solutions to clients throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Our software is cutting edge; but still user friendly and able to seamlessly integrate into your existing operating platform. For more information and to schedule a product demonstration, contact Versify Solutions today.

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