FERC Market Oversight and Energy Trader Software

While all energy generation and transmission entities must remain NERC compliant, energy traders must remain compliant with the other acronym in the power world: FERC.

FERC or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates the sale and transmission of energy, as well as licenses hydropower projects and interstate natural gas pipelines. For traders to remain compliant with FERC, energy trader software can be a powerful tool.

Overview of FERC

FERC is an independent agency and does work and empower NERC to government and dictate the security protocols that protect the North American power grid. Part of FERC’s responsibility is to:

  • Regulate wholesale sales of electricity in interstate commerce

  • Review mergers, acquisitions and corporate transactions by electricity companies

  • Regulate sales of natural gas for resale in interstate commerce

  • Regulate interstate transportation of oil by pipeline

  • Approve the siting and abandonment of interstate natural gas pipelines, as well as the siting application for electric transmission projects

  • Licenses private, municipal and state hydroelectric projects

  • Monitors and investigates energy markets

  • Enforces FERC regulatory requirements through civil penalties

  • Administers accounting and financial reporting of regulated companies

  • FERC does not regulate the sale of energy to consumers.Energy_Trader_Software

Market Oversight and Energy Trader Software

Through its Division of Energy Market Oversight, FERC provides reports and analyses of the electric power, natural gas, liquid natural gas and other fuels. The data is sourced from a variety of Regional Entities, private companies and independent sources including:

  • Baker Hughes

  • Bentek Energy

  • Bloomberg

  • BNSF Railway


  • CERA

  • Cantor Fitzgerald

  • EEI


  • EnvaPower

  • ICE

  • ISO-NE

  • LBNL

  • MISO

  • MMS

  • NIFC

  • NOAA

  • NRCS



  • NERC

  • PJM

  • Platts

  • Public Utility Commission of Texas

  • SERC

  • SNL Financial, LC

  • SPP

  • Union Pacific


  • U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Fossil Energy

  • Velocity Suite Online

  • Waterbourne Energy

  • WECC

FERC issues Market Views twice per year. The Winter Energy Market Assessment is released in October or November. The Summer edition is issued in May each year. The State of the Markets is issued once per year. On occasion, FERC will issue a special analysis if market condition dictate

Real Time Market Data with V-Performance

While the FERC market oversight is critical and rich data for energy traders; it is not updated in real-time. Market conditions are constantly shifting. For energy traders to remain compliant with FERC and also to edge out their competition, they need comprehensive energy trader software. V-Performance from Versify Solution is the only solution for energy traders. V-Performance provides real-time market data that helps energy traders make split second decisions. The software is also compatible with all FERC requirements; so you know your energy trade will be profitable and compliant. Call us today today to talk more about energy trading software solutions!