ExecView. Simplify. Analytics.

Versify’s ExecView™ energy analytics, dashboards and reporting help executives and asset managers optimize the portfolio by consolidating data from separate applications to compute actual performance against standardized KPI’s in near real time over any platform or device – PC, tablet, smartphone.



Energy and Utilities Analytics, Executive Dashboards & Performance Reporting

Versify ExecView Energy Industry Analytics Dashboards and Reporting

How many disparate data sources do you rely upon for critical information to run your operations?  How many spreadsheets, emails, applications, portals and reports do you have to sift through to understand how your portfolio is performing?  How long does it take your staff to aggregate, compile and generate reports on basic KPIs and metrics?  How is that data warehouse project moving along and is it really giving you what you need for the time and money you’ve spent on it?

Versify’s ExecView is a complete energy and utilities industry analytics, dashboards, reporting and business intelligence platform.  It provides visibility into operational, commercial and market information supporting renewables and clean energy such as hydro, solar, wind and battery as well as traditional fossil natural gas and coal power plants and generation.  With Versify’s ExecView™, critical KPIs, metrics and performance data is in a single software solution developed especially for your business, market and operations.

Driving Margin and Improving Asset Performance

Visibility into the big picture of making, trading and selling electric power.

Versify enables power producers and reliability coordinators to optimize key functions and processes for energy and utilities analytics and asset performance improving operational and financial performance.


Issues with Legacy Reporting, GUIs & Data Visualization

Shift from Legacy Reporting to Versify's ExecView

Poor visibility of asset-level performance
Lack of self-service tools
Limited access to data (e.g., mobile apps)
Time consuming report generation
Too Many Screens
Limited Real-Time Reporting
No Standard Reporting Templates
Versify Executive Dashboard and Reporting
Versify ExecView Energy Industry Analytics Dashboards and Reporting

Out of the Box Dashboards

Asset or Portfolio Level Performance

Drill-down Capability

At an individual Asset or Portfolio

Export Data

Summary or underlaying data

Mobile Deployment

On Smartphone and Tablet

Energy and Utilities Analytics, Business Intelligence and KPIs

Versify continues to lead the pack in energy industry software specifically targeted for renewable and clean energy, utilities and merchant power producers.

Versify ExecView™ provides the latest technology utilizing Versify’s advanced web-based desktop and mobile platform. Seamlessly combining business intelligence and analytics from multiple data sources provides a distinctive edge in revenue and performance management.  The robust collection of data sources and KPIs provides insights into the commercial, operational and reliability performance of the portfolio.  This next generation of data visualization for renewables and fossil generation is available quickly and easily through standard web browsers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

With Versify’s rapid deployment capability organizations can quickly gain access to highly interactive drill-down dashboards and analytical reporting.  The solution facilitates awareness and intelligence about market conditions, commercial opportunities, portfolio performance and standard energy industry KPIs all in a single platform.

Versify provides software solutions for the energy industry including energy analytics, utility analytics, business analytics and financial analytics.

Versify’s ExecView™ is integrated with Versify’s Outage Management System and Event Management solutions providing insight into operational and market KPIs.


  • Compute hourly, daily and period to date KPIs
  • Reliability KPIs are based on industry standards (NERC/IEEE)
  • Operational KPIs are based on industry best practices
  • Market KPIs are based on industry best practices
  • Manage capacity and availability with Reliability KPIs
  • Monitor individual plant’s performance relative to the portfolio
  • Benchmark against industry standards
  • Improve plant performance with Operational KPIs
  • Near real-time feedback to allow for corrective actions before it’s too late
  • Monitor commercial performance of a single plant or the entire portfolio with Market KPIs
  • Standard dashboards documented and available to users
  • Start using the product in a matter of days


  • Provides near real-time visibility of asset performance
  • Transparency to all stakeholders to allow corrective actions to be taken where necessary
  • Eliminates manual report creation and distribution
  • Saves time, provides scalability and allows staff to focus on strategic tasks
  • Provides standardized reporting across portfolio
  • Provides out of the box KPIs for rapid deployment
  • Easily adaptable to unique customer requirements
  • Integration architecture makes the addition of new data simple
  • Configurable, integrated BI provides flexibility to meet evolving requirements