Event Log Management Best Practices

Your event log management is the key part of maintaining compliance with the 90 NERC Reliability Practices. Versify Solutions has compiled event log management best practices to help guide your entity to accurate and efficient compliance logging. These event log management best practices will ensure your entity is compliant and operating at its optimum efficiency!

The Top 5 Event Log Management Best Practices

1. Event logs should be automated

NERC and NERC CIP require mass amounts of information and documentation. It would be nearly impossible (not to mention highly expensive) to manually document all events related to compliance. Event logs should be automated to collect data such as use log-in attempts.

2. Event logs must be secure

NERC audits historic as well as current data. Plus your event log contains sensitive security information such as log-in data, security perimeter information and access point maps. Your event log is the backbone of your operation and it needs to be secure. Using event log software, you can be sure that your information is secure and protected.

3. Event logs need to provide analysis.

It is not enough to simply keep a list of events that correlate to compliance. Your event log management best practices should also include thorough analysis and trend reporting. NERC looks for super organized and analyzed reports, without them, your audit could take weeks instead of days. Plus, by reviewing potential security breaches, log-in attempts and training programming, you can get a jump on any potential situations before they turn in real-time problems.

4. Event logs need to be accessible.

Event logs are not just used at NERC audit time. Event logs are living, breathing resources that need to accessible to a range of staff members. Logs should be web-based, accessible at multiple locations and allow for manual entries, as appropriate. Your data needs to be used; and following best practices, you can ensure that happens without jeopardizing security.

5. Event logs need to align with NERC standards.

It is not enough to track everything, your entity needs to align all event logging activities with real-time NERC Reliability Standards. Versify’s Portal Compliance, from Versify Solutions comes pre-loaded with all NERC requirements to ensure your compliance in real-time. It is also constantly updated, so you don’t have scramble to change your compliance event logging. Versify is the leader in event log management best practices.

To learn more, ask for a copy of our White Paper on NERC compliance or contact us today!