Energy Industry Reporting Solutions

The dynamic and highly regulated energy industry has unique reporting needs. Versify Solutions is pleased to offer energy industry reporting solutions, used by some of the biggest names in the power industry.

Let’s take a look at the reporting needs and Versify’s unique energy industry reporting solutions!

Need: Outage Planning

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as well as the eight NERC empowered Regional Entities require that all power generators, distributors and consumer utilities plan and report on schedule outages due to maintenance and other pre-determined issues. Depending on your region, planned outages must be reported at least 90 or more days in advance and require approval. Requesting approval requires that your entity tracks capacity, maintenance and forecasts for potential overload issues during heat waves, cold snaps and other potential weather hazards.

The Solution: The Versify Platformshutterstock_155731067

The Versify Platform helps manage your generation assets and track performance. You can review real-time operational issues at the touch of a button, study historical data and analysis and collect maintenance related data. V-Performance uses dashboard reporting to empower all users to understand potential outages before they happen and strategize planned outages to remain compliant with FERC and minimize lost revenue.

Need: Stakeholder Reporting

Energy traders and wholesalers have a responsibility to their stakeholders, investors and corporate board of directors to report on assets, profits and planned expansion. The power industry is dynamic, so making predictions on future acquisitions requires historical data, real-time market conditions and intelligence driven market predictions. Whether your entity is planning a shareholder meeting or preparing an annual report, you need data to back up all your decisions.

The Solution: V-Performance

V-Performance offers traders with pure intelligence to power all decisions. It includes real-time market data that is coupled with historical trends and future projections. It automatically prepares customized profit and loss reporting of trading activity and allows you to compare your performance to the marketplace performance overall.

Need: NERC Compliance

All players in the power industry are subject to compliance with the over 90 Reliability Standards issued by NERC. Compliance is complicated and requires extensive documentation of all compliance related activities. The Regional Entities who are empowered by NERC carry the responsibility for auditing all the data and your entity must be prepared in real-time.

The Solution: Portal Compliance

Versify’s Portal Compliance is the energy industry’s NERC compliance solution. Preloaded with all NERC Reliability Standards, Portal Compliance automates data capture, stores, analyzes and ensures you are compliant in real-time.

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