Energy industry reporting california iso

Researching and analyzing energy industry reporting California ISO can provide your energy entity with valuable market insights. The California ISO (also called CAISO) has a plethora of resources available for energy entities operating in the California ISO marketplace.

Here is a review of available energy industry reporting California ISO resources.

Overview of CAISO

CAISO works around the clock to ensure the lights stay on, while building a competitive marketplace for energy. Their job is to ensure the reliability of the grid for end-use customers, while also making sure energy generators have fair and equal access to the marketplace.

Members of the ISO include scheduling coordinators, congestion revenue rights holders, convergence bidding entities, generators and transmission owners.

Transparent Access

Energy industry reporting california iso provides centralized access to important data. The market is dynamic and constantly changing and CAISO is at the forefront of providing current information and reports to the marketplace.

On the CAISO website, the organization provides updates and bulletins on the following news areas:

  • CAISO board and committees—providing minutes, proposals and bulletins from the CAISO Board of governors and its committees
  • Stakeholder processes—announcements on opportunities for stakeholders to provide input on various processes and policies of the CAISO
  • Release planning—the assessment of market initiative implementation impacts
  • Clean, green grid—reports on environmental reform and renewable energy policies in California
  • Notifications—timely notifications and alerts on ISO operations, markets, emergencies and upcoming events
  • Meetings and events—announcements of upcoming events for stakeholder input and participation.
  • Recent documents—CAISO’s most recent documents
  • Bulletins, reports and studies—centralized access to all technical bulletins, reports and case studies
  • Papers and proposals—policy papers, decisions and other proposals
  • Regulatory filings and orders—centralized access to filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the California Public Utilities Commission

Your Role: Outage Planning and Reporting

In addition to all the tools and reports that CAISO provides to marketplace members, your entity has a role to support reporting and data. CAISO asks for stakeholder input on a variety of processes and policies ranging from transmission planning to budget and grid management. In addition, entities who operate in the CAISO marketplace must provide planning outage information to the ISO and report on unplanned outages. This helps CAISO ensure the ongoing reliability of the grid

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