Energy Industry Data Management

Power entities produce big data. The only way to power the big data is through comprehensive energy industry data management. Let’s take a look at the key features of efficient and successful energy industry data management and how Versify Solutions can help!

Automated Event Capture

shutterstock_116086540In years gone by, event data was captured with pen and paper or into an excel spreadsheet. There were often multiple users and the room for error was great. Events could be missed or incorrectly logged due to human error.  Once data was logged in a spreadsheet, it waited for someone to come along and perform complex, time-consuming data analysis and coding. If you found yourself off-site or at a satellite location, data was inaccessible.

Automated event capture, a hallmark of the Versify Solutions signature Versify Operating System (VOS), ensures that all applicable events at your power entity are captured, efficiently, accurately and automatically coded for use in all your reports, audit requirements and reliability standards.

Intelligence Driven Energy Industry Data Management

Once your data is automatically captured, it needs to be put to use. Whether you need data to power your energy trades or to make outage based decisions or manage NERC Compliance, your big data is the fuel that powers your business. Once data is captured, it needs to be coded and automatically linked to various reports for all your stakeholders.

The Versify Operating System logically relates data to a multitude of applications so it can be retrieved by various end-users throughout your entity. The V-OS is web-based, so users can access data from a variety of locations.

Within the V-OS, applications like Portal Compliance, V-Trader and SmartStat are preloaded with outside data to help normalize and align your data and reporting. Portal Compliance, the ultimate solution for NERC compliance, is preloaded with all 90 NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards. V-Trader and SmartStat provide a market database across all North American ISOs to help your entity identify opportunities, power trades and make purchasing decisions.

Real-Time Margin Analysis

For power generations, real-time margin analysis is a critical piece of their energy industry data management toolkit. Versify’s V-Performance is the ideal tool for power generations. The application integrates real-time margin analysis with plant operations, costs and market pricing to give power generators a holistic view of the market.

All this data is integrated into user friendly Dashboard Reports which can be customized for a variety of end-users ranging from ownership to plant management to compliance officers.

Verisfy Solutions would love to talk to you more about our comprehensive suite of analytical solutions for the power industry! Our applications fit seamlessly into your existing operating system and become an invaluable tool in your business development. Call us today to learn more!