Energy Company Software Requirements

Gone are the days of simply spreadsheets and low-level databases. In today’s complex, dynamic and multi-stakeholder power industry, energy company software needs to be a powerful platform rich with intelligence driven features.

Energy company software needs to be able to handle big amounts of data, store it, sort it and analyze to improve operational efficiencies. Whether you are a generation asset owner and operator or an energy trader, cutting-edge energy company software is a requirement to ensure the long-term success of your business. Versify Solutions, the leader in dynamic, empowered data operating systems, has put together a list of requirements for energy company software.

Look for a Platform not just a Program

shutterstock_114185056There are a plethora of computer programs for the energy industry. However, utilizing just a flat, one-dimensional program will cause a disconnect across your entity’s existing cyber infrastructure. Instead choose a platform that provides a multidimensional and comprehensive suite of software and application solutions. Choosing a platform like the Versify Solutions signature Versify Operating System gives you flexibility, options for customization and unlimited potential to grow your cyber infrastructure as you grow your business.

Pre-Loaded Compliance Requirements

NERC, Regional Entity and ISO reporting is a cornerstone and requirement of your business. Each of these organizations have complex, mandatory reporting requirements pertaining to cyber security, outage management, generation capability and general statistical reporting. Since their requirements change constantly, your energy company software should be preloaded with standards and requirements, as well as be updated constantly.

Versify Solutions offers it NetCompliance application with the Versify Operating System as a solution for both NERC and ISO reporting. Portal Compliance is preloaded with all NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards. Data is collected, stored and analyzed to produce compliance reports ensuring you are always ready for an agency audit.

Real-time Analytics and Dashboard Reporting

The energy markets, demands and capacity change every minute. Your energy company software platform must offer real-time analytics and touch-of-a-button dashboard reporting.  Real-time analytics ensure that you have an edge and the insight you need to make empowered decisions with fine-tuned precision. V-Trader from Versify Solutions provides real-time market data to help power your trade decisions. The entire suite of Versify products feature automated event capture, allowing your employees to focus on the work, not on data collection.

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