Doing NERC Research Can Help You Maintain Compliance

Information is power. In the electric utility industry, you can never have too much information, whether you are dealing with the unpredictability of your diverse asset portfolio, a complex transmission schedule, or security related issues with your critical cyber assets. At Versify, we believe in empowering our clients with the intelligence they need to gather information that can help them maximize efficiency, optimize their assets, and contribute to the security and reliability of the grid across North America. One major part of this mission consists of helping power utility companies achieve compliance with the standards enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

NERC research is one of the first and most important steps toward gathering the tools and information you need to be compliant with the Security and Reliability Standards. If you are not yet familiar with the NERC standards, which are mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, you may benefit from a look at the comprehensive overview of these regulations, available on the NERC website. Before continuing your NERC research, however, ask yourself a few important questions about your company:nerc-research

  • Do we have a clear set of expectations and protocol for our internal compliance program?

  • Have we identified our Critical Cyber Assets, and do we have a reliable system in place to protect them?

  • Are we currently collecting compliance-related data and reporting relevant incidents accordingly?

  • Are we utilizing available resources, such as our Regional Entity, to make sure we are doing our part in ensuring the reliability of the grid?

If you are already suspecting that your company is not working to its full potential in any of these regards, a good place to start would be by getting in touch with your Regional Entity and finding out what you can do to prepare for your next NERC compliance audit.

NERC Research + Software = Compliance Made Simple

The next step you should take is an answer to one of the questions we suggested above: collecting data in real time, monitoring all compliance-related events, and creating comprehensive reports pertaining to incidents that may affect grid reliability. Whatever data infrastructure you are currently depending on may be sufficient, and it may even help you with the NERC research you need to be prepared for audits. But is it optimizing your assets, closely monitoring the security of your cyber security systems, and providing your operators with the tools they need to analyze data thoroughly?

Versify Solutions provides several cutting edge software programs that help power utility companies get all the information they need to maximize their efficiency, reliability, and profitability. Portal Compliance is our answer to the many challenges related to NERC audits, and when you consider that you could lose millions of dollars per day, per violation, for failure to comply with regulations, this solution is more than a worthwhile investment.

For more NERC information and a free consultation, contact Versify today, and find out how our software solutions will work for you. We look forward to empowering your company with intelligence.