Discover What Software Helps Manage NERC Compliance

As internal and external dangers to bulk electric systems give electric utility companies cause for concern, becoming compliant with security regulations is more important than ever. Standards created by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), mandate that all companies within the power utility industry abide by NERC’s Security and Reliability Standards. If you are managing an organization that operates in any aspect of generation, transmission, or distribution of energy, you need to know what software helps manage NERC compliance in order to avoid the fines and hazards that may result from failing to meet these standards.

If you are already properly certified and registered with NERC, you should be aware of the details and updates to the various categories of reliability standards:

  • Resource and Demand Balancing (BAL)

  • Communications (COM)

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

  • Emergency Preparedness and Operations (EOP)

  • Facilities Design, Connections, and Maintenance (FAC)

  • Interchange Scheduling and Coordination (INT)

  • Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination (IRO)

  • Modeling, Data, and Analysis (MOD)

  • Nuclear (NUC)

  • Personnel Performance, Training, and Qualifications (PER)

  • Protection and Control (PRC)

  • Transmission Operations (TOP)

  • Transmission Planning (TPL)

  • Voltage and Reactive (VAR)


You may be asking yourself, what software helps manage NERC compliance? The answer is Versify’s Portal Compliance, a cutting-edge software to help manage NERC compliance, you can improve your operations to avoid millions of dollars in fines per violation, per day.

Prepare for NERC Audits: Learn What Software Helps Manage NERC compliance

Working closely with your regional entity and staying up to date on current regulations will give you a deeper appreciation for the complexity of FERC’s regulation of bulk electric systems. Staying vigilant with monitoring and reporting incidents is crucial for your company, and this depends on a reliable NERC compliance software. Not only will you protect your organization from NERC penalties, but you will ensure the safe and reliable infrastructure that provides power to the millions of families that you serve every day.

Versify’s Portal Compliance software from Versify Solutions integrates all current regulatory standards with your day-to-day operations, empowering your internal compliance staff with the knowledge and tools they need in order to track and log relevant data. Like all of the software solutions offered by Versify, Portal Compliance provides a state-of-the-art, interactive system that operators can count on to manage a vast amount of data from a wide variety of sources.

Return on Intelligence: The Power of Portal Compliance Software for NERC Compliance

  • Escalation of your workflow

  • Automated reminders and system status events

  • Real-time integration of data with comprehensive database of NERC standards

  • Customized interface for the data tracking needs of your organization

  • Comprehensive library of compliance-related events

  • Extensible to Internal Controls, EPA, and SOX

Now that you have learned what software helps manage NERC compliance you understand by simplifying and automating compliance procedures, Portal Compliance can save you millions of dollars in costs and fines. Arrange a full capabilities demonstration today to see what this breakthrough NERC compliance software can do for your organization.