Versify's Oil & Gas Operations Logbook:

Versify’s Oil and Gas logbook software supports all levels of natural gas and oil critical infrastructure such as refineries, platforms, pipelines, vessels and plant operations. Versify’s Oil and Gas applications improve communications and safety procedures, streamline operations and centralize data collection.

Operators Logbook. Operator Rounds. Plant Rounds. Shift Handover. Safety Management.



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What if you could consolidate all of the spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and paper documents used to record and communicate information across your organization and team?   How many emails, spreadsheets and in-house developed stop-gap applications are used to maintain these different processes?  How many of the paper forms have incomplete details or inaccurately recorded information?  The number of manual processes used to keep a company moving along is staggering.  Many of them are time consuming, fraught with opportunities for error and many times late or missed altogether.

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The Oil and Gas Industry has a multitude of technical engineering and safety processes across their assets and infrastructure such as platforms, vessels, control room operations, refineries, pipelines, etc.  Communication between these teams and data collection is paramount to safe and reliable operations.

Oil and Gas software has never been so flexible and reliable!  Versify’s Digital Logbook software application supports all of your business stakeholders on a single platform.  The logbook’s workflow and electronic forms enable your operations personnel and management team to capture all the information needed, be more efficient and reduce the time spent on administrative duties.

For example, you can digitize forms for Compliance, Application for Work, Permit to Work, Shift Turnover, Shift Handover, Operator Logbooks, Work Instructions, Maintenance Rounds, etc.

Bring the disparate processes of the Oil and Gas Industry under control, enforcing standards and best practices.  All your company’s policies and procedures can be modeled in a workflow and form building tool.  Bring your staff and leadership team to a streamlined and simple to use solution.


Flexible and Reliable software for the Oil and Gas Industry

Versify has deployed digital logs and logging capability for hundreds of processes across multiple industries.  The Oil and Gas industry is just one of the industrial and manufacturing industries Versify supports. Starting with a simple manual entry logbook or advance to workflows and user configurable forms to meet your needs.  Quickly configure notifications, approvals and statuses.  Identify the information you’d like to collect and leverage Versify’s inventory of controls to ensure the correct data is captured.  At any time, you can easily produce an audit trail, complete history and generate reporting for the log entries and events.