Versify's Digital Logbook:

Versify’s digital logbook, electronic logbook and operations logbook providing workflow automation capability for improved communications, compliance and decision support. The best electronic logbook for industrial event management.

Event Management. Incident Management. Operators Logbook. Digital Forms. Workflow Automation.




Digitized shift changeovers and shift handovers.  Capture asset events and activities.


Manual and automated SCADA event capture.  Configurable Alarms and Notifications.


Digitize safety and compliance programs.  Create better transparency and maintain historical records.


Configurable workflows and digitized forms improving productivity.

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Versify’s event and operators logbook with electronic forms and workflow software, improves communications, compliance and decision making.  Integrated event management with data historians, SCADA networks and CMMS work management systems. Consistent and streamlined safety, maintenance and operations events across multiple organizations and stakeholders.

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Manage Thousands of Events Each Month. Configure Customized Workflows.

Complex portfolios required coordination across multiple sites, asset managers and executives to monitor operational and financial performance. Fragmented systems and manual processes failed to provide key information.

Versify automates processes through event capture, reporting and decision support tools. Implement workflow automation and electronic forms to automate manual business processes and improve consistency of operations.

The Best Electronic Logbook for Industrial Event Management and Processes

Whether you need an operations logbook, electronic logbook or plant logbook, Versify Digital Logbook gives you unprecedented control of your business. It allows you to digitize data entry forms, questionnaires, routing and/or approvals, consolidating your paper documents, email, and phone-based communications into a central repository. With Versify Digital Logbook, you can configure the steps, notifications, and escalation messages to be delivered at various stages of your processes, so staff are aware of their pending, and potentially overdue, tasks.

Client’s leverage Versify’s event management solution to manage the Shift Handover process. Operators fill out their Shift Handover forms quickly and easily via a desktop or mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.  Eliminate the need for paper shift turnover documents and checklists, which can be difficult to manage, store and maintain.  Provide improved shift to shift communications and streamlined business process by digitizing and automating the Shift Handover process.

Provide instructions to employees on what needs to be completed by attaching documents, web links, network links, and reference materials through the workflow engine. Versify Digital Logbook manages your business rules, tracks multiple approvals and provides routing of information between business departments simplifying complex processes and reducing errors. It integrates with several common external systems which can automatically initiate Versify workflows. It also allows you to configure time-based workflows that occur at any specific time, such as every 90 days, once a month, annual, etc.

A Single Platform with Unprecedented Flexibility

Start with Versify’s accelerators or build your own processes using the Versify Portal Platform.


Only have a few assets?

Versify’s Outage Management System Rapid Deployment and Portal Rapid Deployment are an enterprise hardened software-as-a-service cloud solutions.  An economical and practical platform,  Rapid Deployment is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized IPPs, utilities or municipal energy providers who need to quickly and cost-effectively implement.

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