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Improve your Control of Work (COW) processes and operations using Versify’s Control of Work Safety Management Software. Digitize your operations, improve safety and enhance communications.

Permit to Work (PTW). Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Lockout Tagout (LOTO).


Versify Workforce Control of Work Software Permit to Work

Control of Work (COW) Software

The Control of Work process and procedures provides a safe system of work for operations, maintenance, field force and workforce engineering and construction.  Versify Workforce transitions your operations to an electronic version of your paper based forms and processes.  You can ensure you team is properly completing the correct work permits and following the lockout tagout procedures.

Versify has worked extensively with energy and utility power plant, transmission, industrial system operators, dispatch and maintenance crews and engineers.  Versify Workforce was specifically designed to provide complete visibility across your organization, provide your workforce with the efficiency they need and ensure the correct safety and compliance measures are being taken.  Versify’s safety management system has been developed by field force engineers, plant maintenance crews and system operators to maximize usability and to improve efficiency.

The Versify Control of Work process begins with starter workflows and forms that can be modified to meet your business operations.  Using Versify’s Workflow Engine, you can easily configure online forms, questionnaires and even route them for review or approval.  All of your forms, approvals and activities are recorded and maintained for compliance and reporting.  Eliminate the paper document, spreadsheet and emails and upgrade to a control or work software solution.

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Control of Work (COW)Permit to Work (PTW)(click for more info)Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)Job Safety Analysis (JSA)Switching Orders & IsolationsLockout Tagout (LOTO)ComplianceSafety Dashboards & ReportingMobile and Workflow Enabled


Integrated Safe System of Work to optimize and simplify operations.


Ensure processes are being followed correctly and approved.


Quickly improve communications across your organization and the workforce.


Improved visibility and transparency of events and activities.


An advanced and easy-to-use logbook to capture all of your activities and events.


View what’s happening with your operations in a snapshot.


Create & view forms and events on any mobile device – tablet or phone.


Model all of your paper documents and manual processes on a single platform.

Versify Workforce can be used across multiple departments and organizations.  Operators, technicians and engineers use Versify’s Digital Logbook to create, view and maintain the various Control of Work process and forms.  All of your procedural documentation, workflow, forms and checklists such as work permits, JHA/JSA checklists, switching orders, isolations and LOTO forms can be centrally managed from within the digital logbook.

Sophisticated role based security makes it easy to allow or inhibit access to records and assets.  As a fully hosted cloud solution Versify Workforce is a cost-effective and easy way to transition your organization to a digital platform.  With the flexibility of the form builder and workflow configuration, multiple departments and teams can work together on a single platform.

Versify Control of Work Software Safety Management Permit to Work

With the standards surrounding safety management, a consistent and effective Control of Work (COW) and Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) procedures are critical.  Ensure your team is performing the job analysis (JHA/JSA) correctly and filling out the necessary work permits and lockout tagouts (LOTO). Versify Workforce helps your organization comply with OSHA, HSE, ISSOW and other compliance and standards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency of the United States Department of Labor.
The Health and Safety Executive is the body responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks in Great Britain

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